Venue Security Officer

To ensure that any event goes smoothly, security plays a vital role. That makes your work as a Venue Security Officer absolutely essential. This officer has to familiarize himself with the location that he or she has been assigned and provide protection as well as assistance to the attendees. This officer’s job has become critical in recent times because of the threat of domestic terrorism. Officers who specialize in this aspect of security are expected to be very observant and be able to detect suspicious behavior at a venue quickly and react accordingly.

Wage rate hourly


Typical hours

20 to 48 hours a week usually includes weekends


Door Supervisor Licence

Total cost

Between £350 and £440 including your licence fee

How to become a Venue Security Officer

Before entering this field of security you must secure your SIA Security Guard License or Door Supervisor License. This ensures that you get the right training to protect private property and members of the public.

By taking the door supervisor course which is only two days longer you will be able to work multiple locations without the worry of being restricted because you are not allowed to work at events that serve alcohol. 


Course cost

The security guard course is a four-day course and costs £179.99. 

The SIA door supervisor license is a six-day course that also features multiple-choice exams as well as practical assessments. The training for the license starts at £199.99. For only an extra £20 and two days, we think it’s best to cover your bases and be licensed for venues and positions which involve the sale of alcohol. 

There is also a license fee to pay after training of £190.00 and it is valid for three years.

You can apply and pay for your license, at a local post office or online. The total cost of the course and the license is £439.99. 


Legal Requirements

The SIA license requires you to:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Have proof that you are allowed to work in the UK ( such as a visa) 
  • A criminal background check
  • A mental health check 
  • Have passed your SIA course

You can find out more about the mental health requirements as well as the criminal background check in other blogs on the site. 

Become a Venue Security Officer

Start a successful career as a Venue Security Officer by following these steps:

Book your Door Supervisor course

This is the first step to become a Venue Security Officer

Pass the course

Consist of multiple choice exams and includes a physical assessment.

Apply for your SIA Licence

You can apply for your licence through the postoffice after passing the course

Apply for jobs in your area

Once you have your licence, you can start applying for Venue Security Officer jobs in your area






3 years

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Typical job description and responsibilities


Following training for this role you will be able to: 

  • Check personal belongings of people entering the venue
  • Scan and check venue tickets 
  • Complete security documentation
  • Supervise and control access to your assigned location at the venue
  • Communicate clearly with staff at all levels of the organization


Venue Security Officer Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that the venue they are assigned to is kept and safe and secure
  • Make visitors and staff feel not just safe but welcomed as well
  • You may be required to pit in your time at nights or on the weekend. It must be noted that this is totally dependent on the company that you are able to secure work with
  • Sometimes you may also be required to act as a doorman. In that event, you can expect that your duties will include checking the suitability of people entering the event

The position of Venue Security Officer is considered temporary and you may find that at first most of your work is sporadic. It can help you get your foot into the security industry and make meaningful connections for future assignments.


Venue Security Guards are also responsible for:  

  • Controlling the crowd
  • Ensuring safety and security
  • Providing customer service and assistance
  • Preventing crime and disorderly conduct
  • Being on the lookout for potential terrorist threats


Working Conditions

As a Venue Security Officer, you will need to be physically fit as the job can be demanding in terms of time spent on your feet. While you can be assigned to work on the gates and points of entry and exit, it’s quite possible that you will be requested to make regular patrols throughout the span of the event to ensure there is no suspicious activity. 

In some cases, this could mean that you will have to endure cold nights or hot days depending on the nature and time of the event. It depends on the employer as to whether or not a uniform will be required to perform your job. In most cases, you will be provided with some sort of marker to indicate your role at the facility you are securing. You may also be required to ensure that your SIA badge is on display at all times. Most importantly your sense of observation will be heavily relied on.


 Skills and personal qualities required: 

A Venue Security needs to be:

  • Friendly and easily approachable
  • Dedicated to observing the behavior of individuals at a venue
  • Detail-oriented 
  • Able to perform patrols and other duties which means you should be physically fit
  • Able to stay alert and have good observational skills
  • A quick problem solver
  • To quickly communicate with the rest of the team
  • Able to detect suspicious movements and behavior
  • Knowledgeable of licensing laws and health and safety regulations
  • Able to write basic reports and detail events accurately


Education required

There are no specific qualifications such as GCSEs required to take your SIA course. All you need is your SIA qualification; therefore, this enables people from a huge number of countries who have the right to work in the UK to enter the professions. However, it is expected that you have a strong command of English. This is because you will be required to listen and understand situations as well as write reports and communicate with your team.

According to employers also look favorably on candidates who possess some or all of the following skills:

  • Security or law enforcement experience
  • Can assure an authoritative presence 
  • First aid skills 
  • Active listening skills that can help them jump into action if they detect a disturbance
  • Excellent communication skills 


Benefits of the jobs/perks:

There are several benefits to becoming a Venue Security Officer. Some of them include:

  • Additional earnings
  • Being able to use your investigative skills
  • Getting to learn new parts of the country as you are assigned to different venues
  • Meeting new people 
  • Flexibility
  • The opportunity to have a steady second job. You can ramp up your earnings especially if your first job does not provide permanent employment year-round. 
  • Depending on the assignment you may get a free drink/meal 
  • There is a chance to meet famous people, for example, if you are posted at a football stadium
  • Enjoying and going to events for free


Life skills they would acquire:

You will get the chance to develop your investigative skills. This could lead to you saving lives at a venue. In addition to this as you learn the job, you will learn to spot suspicious behavior and avoid any major disturbances. Most times you will also be placed in a team so that means you will be able to work on your teamwork skills which can help you when securing other jobs.

It also gives you a chance to figure out if security work is for you. If you like the work that you are given you may find that you are more suitable for a permanent security position. When applying you will be able to state that you have experience handling security.  


Here are a few skills that you will learn during your course and can hone as you get experience on the job:

  • First aid 
  • Conflict management
  • Confidence
  • Customer service dealing with the general public
  • Teamwork

How much does a Venue Security Officer actually earn

Wage rate and hours

Most Venue Security officers earn up to £9.50 per hour but depending on the assignment that could go up to £11.50 per hour. Since this field of security covers events of all nature, you can expect that your hours may be somewhat erratic. Your schedule may include a lot of night and weekend work as well as weekends and public holidays. 

Officers can also expect to work between 10-15 hours in various shifts. You will be responsible for securing the patrons of an event as well as the venue itself which means scheduled patrols to ensure you can catch any sort of suspicious activity. 


How much does a Venue Security Officers earn?

As is the case with most security jobs of this nature after your training you will more than likely be given a more senior partner who can help you develop your skills and understand the various aspects of the job.

 As you become more experienced, it will be you that helps out trainees and those that haven’t worked that particular venue and you will earn slightly more. 

 As you gain experience, you could become a team leader or CCTV operator at the venue. A team leader will make sure that all exits and entrances are covered when they need to be, and that staff have breaks during long shifts. You’ll team new guards with more experienced ones. You may also help with advice such as making sure there are never too many people in one area of the venue at one time to avoid crushing. As well as making sure that barriers are safe and suitable, and access points and fire exits are clear and unrestricted at all times. 


 The table below shows how much you could earn: 



Typical weekly (40 hours) 

Typical annually (40 hours per week) 


£9.50 to £10

£380 to £400

£19,760 - £20,800


£10 to £13 

£400 to £520

£20,800 - £27,040

Team Leader





 It is much more common for a Venue Security Officer to receive an hourly wage between £9 to £10 an hour. After receiving your license, you can expect to earn about £19,000 a year. With more experience and rising through the ranks that salary could get up to around £24,000 a year for full-time employees. However, in most instances, this position is a temporary one. This means you may only work weekends or a few nights of the week. If you add this to another part-time, temporary or full-time job you could end up earning a good amount. 

Which personality traits suit this career the most

  • Friendly and Approachable
  • Alert
  • Dedicated
  • Trustworthy
  • Detail Oriented

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