Front of House Officer

A Front of House Officer has the responsibility of ensuring that staff, as well as visitors, begin their experience at your assignment with a favorable experience. You will be the first line of contact in many cases and will be expected to be pleasant and welcoming. It’s also a very important aspect of security since you may be tasked with verifying the identities and documents of those entering and leaving a specific premise. You should have great communication skills and be detail-oriented. Your level of professionalism must be excellent as even though you are acting in a security capacity you are also the first face that many people entering a building will encounter. You will very much be on the frontline most times.

Wage rate hourly


Typical hours

20 to 48 hours a week usually includes weekends


SIA Security Guard or Door Supervisor Licence.

Total cost

Between £350 and £450 including your licence fee

How to become a Front of House Officer

There are two licenses required to become a Front of House Officer. The first one is the SIA Door Supervisor License and the other is the SIA Security Guard license. These two certifications will help you gain the skills you need to begin your career. 


Course cost

The general security guard course costs £179.99 and lasts four days. The SIA door supervisor license is a six-day course that also features multiple-choice exams as well as practical assessments. The training for the license starts at £199.99. For only an extra £20 and two days, we think it’s best to cover your bases and be licensed for venues and positions which involve the sale of alcohol. 

There is also a license fee to pay after training of £190.00 and it is valid for three years.

You can apply and pay for your license, at a local post office or online. The total cost of the course and the license is £439.99. 


Legal Requirements

The SIA License requires you to:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Have proof that you are allowed to work in the UK (such as visa)
  • A criminal background check
  • A mental health check
  • Have passed you SIA course

You can find out more about the mental health requirements as well as the criminal background check in other blogs on the site.

Become a Front of House Officer

Start a successful career as a Front of House Officer by following these steps:

Book your Door Supervisor/Security Guard course

This is the first step to become a Front of House Officer.

Pass the course

Both courses consist of multiple choice exams and the Door Supervisor includes a physical assessment.

Apply for your SIA Licence

You can apply for your licence through the postoffice after passing the course

Apply for jobs in your area

Once you have your licence, you can start applying for Front of House Officer jobs in your area






3 years

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Typical job description and responsibilities

Front of House Officer Duties and Responsibilities:

You can expect to spend lots of time on your feet in this role. Also, you must maintain a good level of professionalism at all times as your employers will more than likely be informed if you are considered rude to a visitor or member of staff. This means that you must always remain aware of how you treat the people that you interact with.

Most officers in this role are also expected to have a friendly demeanor when dealing with those entering the building. That requires a level of communication that can be difficult to maintain at some times. The people who are more suited for this role have naturally friendly personalities. However, you are still responsible for the security of your clients and so you will have to find the balance between being courteous while also being able to spot trouble. 

Following training for this role, you will be equipped with the skills to:

  • Assist staff and contractors at your assignment
  • Manage visitors effectively
  • Professionally answer incoming calls
  • If needed handle the switchboard 
  • Provide flawless customer service
  • Handle crises and emergencies while being calm and confident


Front of House Officers are also responsible for:  

  • Greeting visitors and staff
  • Ensuring the safety of the building by ensuring no one who isn’t authorized doesn’t get in
  • Remaining vigilant to be able to spot suspicious behavior
  • Communicating with the rest of the security team if you believe that you have spotted a threat entering the building


Working Conditions

In this role, you should expect to always maintain a clean uniform as you are the first person that people meet on a daily or nightly basis. As such, you want to represent your company well and should aim as best as possible to always be sharp. You should also always display your ID since if you are called upon to stop someone from entering a building, they can see that you have the authority to do so.

A Front of House Officer is required, in a lot of cases, on a 24-hour basis and because of this, you can expect to work weekends and public holidays sometimes.

Skills and personal qualities required: 

A Front of House Officer needs to be:

  • A great communicator
  • Always alert of their surroundings
  • Dedicated to observing the behavior of individuals entering the compound
  • Detail-oriented 
  • Physically fit
  • A quick problem solver
  • Able to detect suspicious movements and behavior
  • Knowledgeable of licensing laws and health and safety regulations
  • Able to write basic reports and detail events accurately


Education required

There are no specific qualifications such as GCSEs required to take your SIA course. However, because all you need is your SIA qualification you will be competing with a lot of people from countries around the world who have the right to work in the UK. You should have at least a strong command of English and be able to handle technology.


Benefits of the jobs:

  • Getting to meet new people
  • Management of crowds
  • Developing real investigative skills
  • Potentially meeting new famous people depending on your assignment
  • Developing teamwork skills
  • Developing better communication skills 


 Life skills they would acquire:

The job requires excellent human resource skills and so you will learn a lot about how to interact with people and get the best responses possible from them. It will also teach you patience as you will have many different types of situations to face which in many instances will require you to remain calm and collected. 

In addition to gaining new skills in handling people you can also expect to:

  • Learn about working in a team
  • Gain new communication techniques
  • Hone conflict management tactics
  • Improve customer service skills

How much does a Front of House Officer actually earn

Wage rate and hours

A Front of House Officer works up to 48 hours a week. This job is very demanding on your feet as you will face long hours standing. As such, you should try to be in good physical condition for this role. When starting off as a Front of House Officer you can expect to make about £9.00 per hour. As you become more experienced, you can look towards some wage increases. Most senior officers in this sector make up to about £15.00 an hour.


How much does a Front House Officer earn?

Many companies hire Front of House Officers for shifts that range between 20-48 hours a week. It’s a job that always requires physical presence and so that may mean weekends and public holidays as well. You must hone your people skills. You will gain real insight into the job with the right training which we will discuss later. Your professionalism will always be first on display and as such, you should be prepared to always conduct yourself in an orderly and friendly manner.


 The table below shows how much you could earn: 



Typical weekly (40 hours) 

Typical annually (40 hours per week) 


£9.50 to £10

£380 to £400

£19,760 - £20,800


£10 to £17 

£400 to £680

£20,800 - £35,360






It’s important to note that when you are just beginning this role, you will probably make less than your more senior counterparts. Most Front of House Officers start with a wage between £9.50 to £10.00 an hour. While it may not seem like much, to begin with, there are great growth opportunities and you may find the job fulfilling. With time you can work your way up to about £15.00 an hour. As you are given and trusted with more responsibilities you will find that your income will begin to grow. You can aim to make around £20,800 a year when you begin work in the field, which will change as you gain experience. Security guards also make around this amount but in some cases, the Front of House Officer can make more. There is a great chance for advancement as you begin to learn more about the job. Senior Front of House Officers are valued because their experience can help if an emergency arises. It’s due to this that the more you learn on this job the more likely you are to bring in more money for the role.

Which personality traits suit this career the most

  • Trustworthy
  • Multitasker
  • Attention to Detail
  • Empathetic
  • Punctual
  • Dedicated

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