Close Protection Officer

Security is a wide-ranging industry and goes beyond just securing properties, venues or nightclubs. One aspect of security that is in demand is the need for protection security which is more commonly known as being a bodyguard. While you may have a varying range of duties to perform your main focus will be the protection of an individual from any physical threat or harm. You will be expected to act professionally and deal with intense situations effectively. In this role, training is crucial so that you can handle situations quickly to eliminate any threat or perceived threat that your client may face. In most cases the Close Protection Officer or bodyguard is self-employed; however, there are agencies that hire on a regular basis.

Wage rate hourly


Typical hours

20 to 48 hours a week usually includes weekends


SIA Close Protection Licence

Total cost

Starts at £899.00 and has a licence fee of £190.00
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