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First Aid at Work Training Course

The First Aid at Work Course enables individuals to provide emergency treatment to individual who have injured themselves or falling ill.

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First Aid at Work (FAW)

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Continuous Practical Assessment and Multiple Choice Assessment

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First Aid at Work Course Details

The First Aid Training, also known as FAW, is an extensive level 3 training course which is part of obtaining the First Aid at Work Certificate. 

The course prepares you to provide treatment and handle emergency situations where an individual falls ill or injures themselves. As part of the training, you will also learn how to operate specialist equipment such as a defibrillator. 

The severity of many accidents in the workplace can be reduced by the appointment of a qualified nominee who is capable of taking charge if an injury or illness occurs. We believe everyone should learn basic First Aid techniques as they may come in handy at home, at work and beyond.

The course is also an ideal introduction to First Aid for anyone who is a Door SupervisionSecurity Guard or in a managerial role.


The First Aid At Work Certificate is valid for 3 years and is issued by your First Aid training provider. The course is in compliance with the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981.

Health and Safety Regulations of 1981 outline that it is an employer's responsibility to ensure staff have access to "adequate" first aid treatment. Having Certified First Aiders can satisfy this criteria and make a workplace safer for everyone.

First Aid at Work Course Content

The Level 3 First Aid Training Course is 3-days long and prepares you to  provide treatment in emergency situations.

You will cover the following topics:

  • First Aid in the Workplace
  • Legal compliance
  • Managing incidents
  • Examining a casualty
  • Conscious/unconscious casualties
  • Treating a casualty
  • Further emergency action
  • General common illnesses
  • Basic life support
  • First aid kits/equipment
  • Recording/reporting injuries

First Aid at Work Course Assessments

The First Aid at Work Training Course is assessed in 2 parts. 

1. Continuous assessment

This is where your class trainer will observe your class participation to ensure your knowledge is at the required level. 

2. Written assessments

Written assessments can vary for the FAW Course depending on your training provider. Typically, these exams are for each of the core unit areas and will be multiple choice. They can either fall at the end of the course, on the final day, or be spread out.  

You will be provided with all the support you require to be successful in your assessments. Get Licensed only works with the best training providers who maintain a very high level of quality.

To give yourself the best chance, we recommend active attention and participation in your classes.

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Frequently asked

The First Aid at Work Training Course will prepare you to provide treatment in emergency situations where an individual falls ill or injures themsevles. You will learn how best to handle individuals in shock, burn victims and bleeding wounds, as well how to administer CPR. In addition, you will become familiar with associated equpiment such as defibrilators, to assist you with providing treatment. Intervention by a Certified First Aider can make a huge difference in an individual's recovery. In some instances, First Aid Training can save lives!

Depending on your employer and where you work, it could be a legal requirement to have trained First Aiders on site. Some factors which are part of this include the risk assessment and size of the workforce. As part of the First Aid Regulations of 1981, it is the employer’s responsibility to provide sufficient first aid support to injured or unwell staff. This includes having enough trained First Aiders and access to necessary equipment to treat affected employees.

The way the First Aid at Work Training Course is assessed varies between training providers. One assessment component that is universal is the on-going or continuous assessment, where the trainer observes your class participation to see if you have grasped how to administer treatment. Other assessments which are increasingly common for the First Aid at Work Training Course are written. These are typically multiple-choice and cover course material. Assessments are usually at the end of your course. You will be told how assessments will be conducted at the start of your First Aid at Work Training by your trainer. 

It is not necessary, however the knowledge taught on this course could be crucial when you are working with the public. While working as a Doorman or Security Guard you will be more exposed to work place accidents. Please note, it is necessary for Close Protection Operatives to have a valid First Aid at Work Certificate. 

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