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Available Dates
Door Supervisor Training

Introduction to SIA Training

1. What can you learn?

There are many SIA training courses in Birmingham for interested individuals, allowing them to obtain the credentials needed to find rewarding and well-paid jobs in this growing industry.
- Door Supervisor Training
- Security Guard Training
- CCTV Training
- Top-up Training for Door Supervisors
- Advanced Physical Interventions and Handcuff
- Emergency First Aid at Work
- APLH - Personal Licence
- Level 3 Physical Interventions
The courses offered focus on different domains within the security sector including door supervision, CCTV, first aid, personal licence, and will give students the necessary understanding to work in a variety of different scenarios. The SIA training in Birmingham also addresses the different techniques used in day-to-day experiences of those working in security positions. 

2. Why choose Get-Licensed’s SIA training in Birmingham?

Thanks to the Birmingham’s strong economy and tourism, the necessary of qualified security personnel is very high in this city. In addition, individuals currently working in establishments that sell alcohol to the general public may be interested in NCPLH Personal Licence Training in Birmingham. Moreover, working as a trainer in such qualification courses is another lucrative career path to consider. Individuals looking to work as trainers will need to obtain a PTLLS training certificate. SIA Licence is valid nationwide, so if you qualify for SIA License in Birmingham, you will be able to get security job anywhere in the U.K.
Contact Get Licensed’s SIA Training in Birmingham today at the address:
Fairgate House, 205 Kings Road, Tyseley, Birmingham, B11 2AA
Tel: 0207 078 7259
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3. Available Security Jobs in Birmingham

- Retail Security Guard (Qualification of Door Supervisor or Security Guard)
- Door Supevisor (Qualification of Door Supervisor and First Aid)
- Security Supevisor (Qualification of Security Guard First Aid and CCTV)
- Head Door Supevisor (Qualification of Door Supervisor Head Door Supervisor, CCTV, First Aid Physical Intervention Handcuff Training)

4. Testimonials:

AmarSingh (August 22,2012)
Just here to say thanks to Aiyehsa for her training at Jurys Inn Birmingham. Had a wonderful weekend with the rest of the boys. Hopefully I'll pass.

5. More about Birmingham

Located in the West Midlands county of England, Birmingham is the second largest city in England. The city was once home to a thriving manufacturing base that played a significant role in the Industrial Revolution. Today, Birmingham is one of the most important commercial centres in England, and has one of the largest economies in the nation. The manufacturing industry no longer holds the influence it once did in the city, having been largely replaced by the services sector. Furthermore, the city is the birthplace of two of England's largest banks, Lloyds Bank and Midland Bank, which is now known as HSBC.


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