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Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW)

Emergency First Aid at Work Training prepares individuals to provide treatment in emergency situations when a person injures themselves or falls ill.

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Emergency First Aid At Work (EFAW)

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Emergency First Aid at Work Course Details

The Emergency First Aid Training, also known as EFAW, is a level 2 training course which is part of obtaining the Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate. 


We make getting your Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) qualification a simple, stress-free process 


The course prepares you to handle emergency situations and provide treatment to individuals who fall ill or injure themselves. EFAW is the most common type of First Aid Training and only takes 1-day to complete. It involves a mix of theory and practical work. There is no exam at the end of the course and it is assessed during class by the certified tutor.



Regardless of profession, First Aid is an indispensable skill to have. Not only are the techniques acquired transferable in many places of work, they are also useful in everyday life. This course for anyone who has an interest in first aid, or for employees who require the training for work due to the environment they work in. If you wish to make your working environment safer by knowing how to help in emergency situations, look no further! 



The Emergency First Aid At Work Certificate is valid for 3 years and is issued by your First Aid training provider. The course is in compliance with the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981.


Health and Safety Regulations of 1981 outline that it is an employer's responsibility to ensure staff have access to "adequate" first aid treatment. Having Certified First Aiders can satisfy this criteria and make a workplace safer for everyone.


Emergency First Aid at Work Course Content

The Level 2 Emergency First Aid at Work Training Course is 1-day long and prepares you for how to respond in emergency situations.


The EFAW Training covers the following topics:  


✅ Taking charge and summoning help

✅ Priorities in First Aid

✅ Controlling Bleeding

✅ Epilepsy

✅ Poisoning

✅ Burns and Scalds



The Emergency First Aid at Work Training Course is assessed by the class participation. Your training provider will observe your understanding of the course material. You simply have to pay attention and participate. You will be provided with all the support necessary in order to pass.


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Frequently asked

The process is very straightforward. Find a certified training provider and attend the relevant first aid course. If you pay attention to content and are participate, you will receive your first aid certificate shortly after.

Emergency First Aid At Work (EFAW) is the most common type of training. It prepares you to respond in emergency situations by providing treatment. The training consists of important theory followed by practical work where you will use dummies and other equipment. Some of the things you will learn include how to control bleeding, treat burns and administer CPR. Book your Emergency First Aid At Work training and become a certified first aider within 1-day! There is no exam at the end of this course and all the instructors we work with are certified and cover material in accordance with published guidelines.

This all depends on where you work. Depending on your employer, Emergency First Aid at Work could be a legal requirement. Some factors which are part of this include the risk assessment and the size of the workforce.

The Emergency First Aid at Work course is assessed during the class and does not have an exam at the end. As long as you follow what is being taught and are able to demonstrate what you have learnt, you pass on the same day!

Unfortunately this not possible as government legislation states that First Aid Training can only be delivered in person.

The Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) only takes 1-day or a minimum of 6 hours.

The three most popular first aid training courses are Emergency First Aid At Work (1-day), First Aid At Work (3-days) and Paediatric First Aid (2-days). What training you choose depends on the environment that you work in and who you work with. For example, if you work in a high risk environment, like a construction site, you will require the 3-day First Aid At Work training. In the same way, if you work with children, you will need the paediatric first aid. It is best to speak with your employer to identify the kind of training required before you book.

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