Key Holding Licence

Being a key holder is a huge responsibility and requires a great deal of trust placed upon the individual as they have access to and from a property and are responsible in controlling access to a building and ensuring a premise remains locked and secure.


Key Holding Licence


Security Industry Authority (SIA)

COST £220
VALID FOR 3 years
ELIGIBILITY 18+ years, Right to work in UK, DBS Check

Application for Key Holding Licence

Current and valid UK passport
Bill or statement issued within the last three months
Criminal background check
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What is a Key Holding Licence?

A Key Holding Licence is a licence given to an individual who is responsible for the safeguarding of keys to a property and premises.


A key holder can operate just in this function but will only be limited to this role and will not be able to perform other security functions such as conducting a search.


⚠️ NOTE In most instances the function of key holding is an added responsibility given to a trained SIA Security Guard with manned guarding experience.


What is a key holder?

A key holder is someone who holds a great deal of responsibility as they have been elected a position of authority in being in charge of the keys of a building or premises.


In terms of other responsibilities of being a key holder, an individual may be called upon to open the premises at any given time at the behest of the property owner, this may include out of hours and in the event of an alarm being activated. However, they will not be authorised to intervine and instead will need to contact secruity or police.


⚠️ NOTE – It is strongly recommended that individuals complete SIA training and obtain a Door Supervisor or Security Guard Licence, as this will allow individuals to perform full security functions such as manned guarding as well as perform key holding duties.



To be eligible for a Key Holding Licence, you must be 18 years of age, have the right to work in the UK. You will also have to pass identity and criminal background checks conducted by the SIA.


⚠️ REMEMBER - No training is required to be a Key Holding Licence, however, if you perform other functions other then just key holder, then you will be required to undergo SIA training.



The Key Holding Licence costs £220 and the licence is valid for three years. The fee covers the cost of processing your application and is non-refundable.


How to apply for a Key Holding Licence

To apply for a Key Holding Licence you will need to go through the SIA Application Process.


⚠️ REMEMBER – No form of SIA training is required to hold a Key Holding Licence, but should the holder perform other security duties or perform manned guarding functions then they will be in breach of their licence. In this instance they will have to undergo SIA training.



No. The SIA issues key holding licences to people who would wish to act as key holders, but does not operate a training course for key holding. However, you must ensure that you do not perform any duties under the definition of “manned guarding activities”. In this instance you would be in breach of your licence and require full SIA training.
Yes, but this would mean you would not be permitted to conduct a search or any other type of security related task, and that your sole responsibility would be key holding.
Yes. In many cases, a key holder will also be trained in SIA security techniques such as manned guarding. In this instance, an individual who has gone through SIA training will automatically have gained an Integrated Key Holder’s licence.
The Key Holder’s responsibility is the ensure the safeguarding of keys to a premise, this may also include mechanically or electronically access to a building. A key holder should be ready to act if the primary key for the premises is mislaid or stolen. They should also be prepared to operate out of hours and respond to any security alarm. However, in this instance they should contact police or security as they are not legally authorised to perform any type of manned guarding activity.

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