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Working While Waiting for SIA License?

Working While Waiting for SIA License?


So, you’ve completed your Door Supervisor course, submitted your SIA Security Licence application and are now twiddling your thumbs and waiting patiently to begin your career in the security industry.

However, whilst the SIA aims to process at least 80% of all correctly completed licences within 25 working days, the estimated time frame an application process takes is usually around 3 weeks. In some cases, it might take even longer to process due to additional criminality and qualification checks.

That leaves a potential 3 weeks where an applicant will be lost in limbo while waiting for their SIA licence to be processed.

While most applicants already have jobs, others may feel uncertain, and with potentially 3 weeks to wait until their SIA licence application is processed, many will be left wondering where their source of income will be coming from in the meantime.

Can you work as a Door Supervisor without an SIA Licence?

Yes, but only in some cases. You can work as soon as you receive an acknowledgement letter from the SIA that your license is being processed. However, most security companies will not accept SIA reply letters acknowledging your SIA license application, and will instead require an SIA licence.

Some SIA-approved contractors may consider you for work while your application is in the process if you meet their requirements. This includes an acknowledgement letter from the SIA, but in many situations, an SIA licence will still be mandatory.

Working without an SIA licence can have serious consequences

The maximum penalty for working without an SIA licence is six months in prison, with a potential fine of £5,000. All SIA license holders are also required to have their license visible on their person at all times.

While waiting for your SIA license to process can be time-consuming, the time it takes to process does rely on the precision and accuracy of the applicant. If applications contain errors or omissions, the process can take longer.

However, if all is well and the application has all the correct information, in most cases you will receive your SIA licence in no more than two weeks.

So, take our advice and just have a little bit of patience. As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait.

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