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How To Become A Security Training Provider

How To Become A Security Training Provider


In the UK, the security sector is a six billion turnover industry with over 400,000 licensed security operatives currently working all over the country, but with more people choosing to work in this growing industry than ever before, who will train and prepare the newest batch of Door Supervisors and CCTV Operatives as they protect the public and keep us safe from the threat of crime and terrorism?

Are you someone who loves the thrill of leading a classroom and equipping students with the knowledge and skills to prosper in their career? As a security training provider with the Get Licensed platform, you could be teaching delegates in the classroom as they train to gain the necessary qualifications required in order to work on the front line of the security sector.

What is a security training provider?

Security training providers train delegates as they embark on their career working in the security sector. It is the responsibility of the training provider to ensure that all candidates are equipped with the required skills and the appropriate training as they learn everything from behavioural standards on the front line, to conflict management and how to defuse high-risk scenarios.

Ultimately, a security training provider should make sure that all legal regulatory requirements are met and that candidates are efficiently trained according to regulations set out by Awarding Bodies, SIA, Ofqual and Get Licensed.

Why should you become a security training provider?

Becoming a security training provider with the Get Licensed platform allows you to create your own working day. You will have the option to pick and choose what work you want with the freedom to travel from location to location or stay based local to where you live, while mapping out and creating your own classroom style and tone of teaching. As a security training provider you will get immense gratification from seeing your trained candidates reach their full potential as they climb the ladder in the security sector.

Why join Get Licensed?

Being a training provider and offering your course for students using Get Licensed will give you instant access to the 100,000 hits that we get on our website per month as the UK’s leading training booking platform. Being a training provider with Get Licensed will get you round the clock help and support from experts in the training and licensing field, as well as personalised social media and email marketing that will boost your bookings and get you earning more.

How much can you earn as a security training provider with Get Licensed?

Security training providers with Get Licensed can make up to £150 and £200 a day and can earn anywhere from £4000 to £6000 a month.

What you will need to become a security training provider

Get a CV

As part of your application into an Awarding Body, you should have a detailed CV which clearly demonstrates your front-line experience in the security sector. The areas you should concentrate on highlighting on your CV should be those that show any training and qualifications that you have. If you are a Door Supervisor for example then you would need to expand on your daily tasks in that role, such as your experience in using physical intervention skills and using conflict management to resolve situations.

Get qualifications

In order to become a security training provider you will need to have the necessary front-line experience as well as a Level 2 qualification in the course you will want to teach. For example, you will need the Level 2 Award in Door Supervision in order to teach a Door Supervisor qualification.

To become a security training provider, you will also need to have completed a Level 3 First Aid at work Qualification.

All security training providers must be aged 18 or over in order to undertake these courses and they will need to be completed in the following order:

✅ Level 3 AET (This Qualification does not expire)

✅ Level 3 in Delivering Conflict Management (This Qualification does not expire)

✅ Level 3 In Delivering Physical Intervention (This Qualification expires and needs to be refreshed annually)

✅ Level 3 First Aid at Work (This Qualification expires and needs to be retaken every 3 years).

✅ Level 3 Basic Restraint and Hand Cuff Training (This will be annually refreshed by Qualhub for those who would like to learn and Teach it)

Get equipment

Purchasing and maintaining classroom equipment is the responsibility of the training provider. Some of the tools that you will need to run a training lesson will include:

✅ A Laptop with Microsoft Office (or equivalent) for PowerPoint Presentations.

✅ A projector.

✅ A first aid doll.

✅ A clicker and laser pointer.

✅ A stationery bag with, pens, glue and scissors for course admin work.

✅ Extension cables.

✅ Laptop speakers for any audio.

✅ Radios (minimum of 2 – these are required for training CCTV courses).

✅ Handcuffs (If you will be training any handcuff or restraint courses).

Get registering with an awarding body

Once you have acquired the necessary qualifications, now you must register with an awarding body.

To register with an awarding body, you will need the following:

✅ Training Certificates.

✅ Your CV.

✅ Any SIA License you have.

✅ A filled-out registration form.

What is an awarding body?

An awarding body is responsible for setting out the exams and carrying out regular inspections of all the training providers that are approved by them. There are a number of awarding bodies currently approved by Get Licensed to regulate training providers who wish to offer SIA security courses. All training providers must be approved by an awarding body in order to offer SIA related Security qualifications in the UK. The awarding body will be responsible for setting the exams and marking them in accordance with Ofqual regulations.

Get mentored by an experienced security training provider

Once you have obtained the required qualifications and have been approved by an awarding body, you will officially be a fully qualified trainer provider. However, before you can train a course on your own you will be paired with an experienced trainer. This part of the process is vital, as you will get the opportunity to work alongside a professional training provider and learn everything from how to write a lesson plan, to making sure you know how to mark-up students’ papers after an exam.

Security courses are heavily regulated and need to be run in a very specific way according to legal requirements set out by the Security Industry Authority.

Get signed off

Once the experienced security training provider feels that you are ready to train on your own, you will be signed off and will now be able to security train courses with Get Licensed.

Continued professional development

Every year all training providers are required to undergo a mandatory 30 hours of continued professional development to demonstrate that they are continuing their development and are up to date with training content and regulations.

Get Training

Are you ready to kick-start your career as a security training provider with Get Licensed? Let us know and we will get you started so you can GET TRAINING!

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