Home Driving Licence Making ‘Rude Hand Gestures’ While Driving Could Land You A £1,000 Fine
Making ‘Rude Hand Gestures’ While Driving Could Land You A £1,000 Fine

Making ‘Rude Hand Gestures’ While Driving Could Land You A £1,000 Fine


Let’s be honest, how many of us have giving the finger and sworn like a trooper when a moron driver has pulled out in front of us or cut us off.

If we had a swear jar for every piece of profanity that left our mouths after an encounter with a clueless driver on the road then quite frankly, we would filthy stinking rich.

So, with Christmas season upon us, and with all that festive cheer in the air you would be thinking that drivers would at least be a little more joyous, or at least leave the ‘f-words’ at home.

Well, if you are planning to get a bit erm.. ‘merry’ with your choice of words this Christmas season, you might want to think twice and at least see who is around first.

Under the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, any driver caught making a “rude hand gesture” behind the wheel can be interpreted in another way, with police able to fine motorists for “not being in full control of a vehicle” if they take their hand off the wheel to make a signal.

These ‘signals’ could range from the traditional ‘flipping the bird’ to the more used hand expression that beings with ‘W’ and ends in ‘G’.

If charged with this offence, you could be given a maximum £1,000 fine and three penalty points on your licence. And let’s be honest, nobody wants to break into the savings during the Christmas season.

So, when another motorist steals your parking space in this week’s last-minute shopping rush to bag a few toiletries and perfumes for the misses for Christmas, you might want to think twice about what kind of hand gestures you make.

So, watch your hand gestures while behind the wheel, or it’s not just Santa’s naughty list you could find yourself on this Christmas.

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