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A new code of conduct is set to change the security sector forever as the SIA looks to change how licence holders work and operate in 2020. The security sector is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK – growing an estimated 11% on average each year and contributing approximately £6 billion towards the UK economy.

As the security industry continues to grow, so does the number of applicants looking to kick-start a career in this increasingly expansive profession – with over 412,000 licence Security Operatives currently operating in the country according to the latest Security Industry Authority statistics.

As more people look to become Door Supervisors or CCTV Operatives, the SIA – the statutory organisation responsible for regulating the private security industry in the UK, are looking to implement a code of conduct in which SIA Licence holders would have to adhere to as part of their role as licensed security operatives.

The code of conduct, which is currently being drafted and is in the early stages of design – is being consulted by leading experts within the security sector, with a draft version published by the SIA.

What will the code of conduct include?

The concept of the SIA code of conduct will be centred around the behaviours of those who are licensed and who currently work in the security sector. The code of conduct will set out to include a very specific standard of decorum expected of those operating within the industry, as well as strict guidelines and protocols in how they should respond in different case scenarios.

Doesn’t the SIA already have a code of conduct?

No. While the SIA does have a Standards of Behaviour in which licence holders must follow – it is also very vague, and does not give a clear picture on how to respond in specific situations. This hazy approach has resulted in incidents in which it was clear that the “fit and proper” expectation of licence holders was not followed – resulting in situations in which public safety was put at risk, as well as placing scrutiny towards the security industry and those who work and operate efficiently in it.

What happens now?

The SIA are inviting licence holders and security operatives who are currently working in the security industry to help with the consultation of the code of the conduct. You can have your say on the draft by taking part in the survey which is due to end on Sunday, February 23.

After the consultation and the feedback from licence holders and security operative is received, the SIA will publish a report in which the research from the consultation will be available. Another version of the code of conduct will then be written based on further feedback – before a final version of the code of conduct is submitted for approval by Home Office ministers.

What Get Licensed Says

Ensuring that industry standards are upheld and adhered to is important in keeping not only the public safe from harm, but also making sure that the security industry and those who operate within it are exempt from scrutiny from those who fall below those expected standards. When everyone is on the same book and follow the same behaviour standards, not only do the businesses who employ security operatives’ benefit – but ultimately, everyone does. And in an industry that is continuously growing with each passing day – following a code of conduct set out by the leading authority in the security industry and knowing how to behave and professionally operate while on duty can only be a good thing.

We here at Get Licensed, the leading security training provider in the UK, look forward to the SIA code of conduct – and will ensure that all those kick-starting their career in the security industry will be expertly trained on the new behaviour standards and expectations for those working within this growing industry.

Article Name
Will New SIA Code Of Conduct Change The Way Licence Holders Work In The Security Industry?
A new code of conduct is set to change the security sector forever as the SIA looks to change how licence holders work and operate in 2020.
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