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Knowing how to spot a fake SIA Licence can be the difference between working with a professional and working with a counterfeit. Having attention to detail in spotting a fake is not only looking out for underage drinkers, but also colleagues working alongside you who could be using a fraudulent licence and putting the public at risk.

What will happen if I use a fake SIA licence?

Using false documentation such as an SIA licence is an offence under the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act 1981 and can come with a maximum penalty of six months in prison and a potential fine of £5,000, with the SIA conducting spot checks over the country in a bid to tackle individuals who continue to work as Door Supervisors while holding fake documentation.

What has happened to Door Supervisors found with counterfeit licences?

In 2019, a Door Supervisor from Chester was handed a 12-month community order with an unpaid work requirement while also ordered to pay costs and victim surcharges after being found guilty of working with a forged SIA licence. The fraudulent Door Supervisor was found to have a fake SIA licence after concerned management checked his licence number using the licence checker on the SIA website, and called in an SIA regional investigator when they realised that there was a problem.

In any instance in where an individual is found to be working with fraudulent documentation, the SIA will always prosecute those who deliberately ignore the requirement to be trained and licensed.

Why is using a counterfeit SIA licence dangerous?

Having a fake SIA licence means that a Door Supervisor has not been trained, and as result – puts the safety and wellbeing of the public at risk. SIA licence holders are expertly trained and have acquired the necessary skills that are required in order to work in the security sector. Working as a Door Supervisor without those skills not only puts the individual at risk of harm, but also harms the very people that a SIA licensed Door Supervisor has been trained and employed to protect.

What to look for in a fake SIA licence

All SIA licence holders are required to have their licence clearly visible on their person at all times which means that you have a fake licence it will always be on display. However, how to spot a fraudulent SIA licence can seem hard at first as the overall design of the licence has changed throughout the years.

From 2007 to present, the SIA licence has seen small but noticeable changes in its overall design. Making sure how to spot an out of date or fraudulent licence can be the difference in a safe working environment, and putting the public and those you work with in jeopardy.

This design is the one that is currently being issued by the SIA.

This design was issued by the SIA until June 2016.

This design was issued by the SIA until November 2007.

Two variations of this design were issued by the SIA until April 2007.

This is the original design of the SIA front line licence. It was issued by the SIA until March 2007.

Once a licence has been issued to an individual that licence is then registered on the official Register of Licence Holders Database. If you are still having doubts over the legitimacy of a licence – simply enter the licence number to see if it is a registered card or not.

What Get Licensed Says

Knowingly working with a fake SIA licence is not only morally wrong but is also illegal and can endanger both the individual and the public. Having the training necessary to work in the security sector is required to ensure that all SIA licensed holders are expertly trained and equipped to deal with diverse and often unsafe situations.

Be aware of what to look for in a fraudulent SIA licence and make sure to report any concerns you may have to the SIA or check the  licence checker.

Article Name
How To Spot A Fake SIA Licence Card
Knowing how to spot a fake SIA Licence can be the difference between working with a professional and working with a counterfeit.
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