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The Benefits Of Getting A Personal Licence

The Benefits Of Getting A Personal Licence


Do you work in the hospitality sector or any environment where alcohol is served? You might have heard about a Personal Licence, but do you know how one can give you a career boost.

A Personal Licence allows an individual or business owner to supply or authorise the supply of alcohol.

1. Career Progression

A personal licence will allow you to move onto more senior retail and hospitality roles. The qualification is valued by employers as it shows you have a thorough understanding of the licensing act. Having this accreditation shows employers you have valuable skills and are prepared for a career in the hospitality and bar industry.  Also if you are looking to open your own establishment, a personal licence is a legal requirement to authorise the sale of alcohol.

2.  A rise in the number of hospitality jobs

New data recently showed that there has been a rise in the number of hospitality jobs advertise. If you want to stand out from the crowd in this growing industry then a Personal Licence will give you an edge.

3. Gain a permanent qualification

In England and Wales, there is no need to renew your personal licence. By not having to renew your personal licence this gives you the flexibility to fall back on it and take your career in another direction. No matter what you choose to do with your career, it can only be a bonus on your CV to have a qualification.

4. Build your knowledge

Attending a personal licence course will give you a better understanding of licensing laws and therefore avoid making costly errors which could lead to fines or fixed penalty.

5. Meet new people

When you attend a personal licence course you will meet other people in your industry and be able to meet like-minded individuals and make new contacts. This is a great opportunity to build your network and can help you when you look for jobs in the future.

6. Get a qualification quickly

The personal licence course only takes one full day of training. This means you can get your qualification quickly and easily. In comparison to how long it takes to get accredited in other fields, getting your Personal Licence is speedy. As we’ve said employers value a personal licence qualification, so you will see a return on your investment.

7. You can do it online and in your own time

Apart from being able to complete the course in one day, you can also do the course online and fit it around your schedule.  The online course is the same as the classroom course and you don’t need to book a day to attend. Book our online course HERE and check a sample lesson below.

Get your Personal Licence with Get Licensed

Get Licensed offers a Personal Licence course that suits your schedule. You can book a Personal Licence course online and do it whenever you want or in a  classroom on a day which is convenient for you.  In her video interview with Get Licensed, Hannah Rhodes the founder of Hiver Beers was full of praise for Get Licensed’s services as she used us to get her staff their personal licenses.

Take and pass your personal licence course with Get Licensed today and become our next success story!

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