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Breaking Barriers: Buy Now, Pay Later for SIA Training 

Breaking Barriers: Buy Now, Pay Later for SIA Training 


Embarking on a career in the security industry can be a rewarding journey, offering opportunities for growth and personal development. However, the cost of security training can sometimes pose a financial challenge, especially for those who are short on cash. The good news is that at Get Licensed, we understand these challenges and have a solution that can make your journey into the security profession more accessible and affordable opting for breaking down financial barriers.

Introducing the “Train Now, Pay Later” campaign.

At Get Licensed, we’re committed to removing these barriers and empowering individuals to pursue their security careers. Our “Train Now, Pay Later” campaign introduces the concept of Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) for SIA training. Moreover, with BNPL, you can book your desired security course without worrying about breaking your accounts or making a large upfront payment with the help of PayPal and LayBuy . These flexible payment option is designed to make training more accessible and affordable, allowing you to get started on your career journey with ease.

Flexibility in Payment

One of the standout features of this facility is the flexibility it offers in payment. When you choose to pay in instalments via PayPal Credit, you can select a plan that suits your schedule and budget. The instalment durations range from a convenient 6 weeks to an extended 3 months. This flexibility empowers you to begin your SIA training with minimal upfront costs. By breaking down the total payment into manageable instalments, you can navigate your financial constraints and embark on your security career.

The Benefits of Choosing Instalments

Furthermore, let’s explore the advantages of choosing the instalments.

Start Your Training for SIA Licence: Secure your SIA licence and start your security career before completing full payment. This unique feature allows you to enter the world of security without unnecessary delays.

Begin Today, Pay in Instalments: Begin your SIA training with a minimal upfront payment with PayPal or LayBuy. With this option, you don’t have to wait to begin your journey into the security profession.

Zero Interest Instalments: Enjoy interest-free instalments, ensuring you only pay for your course without extra charges. This means you can focus on your training without worrying about additional costs.

Customised Plans for All: Tailor your payments to conveniently suit your schedule. Our customised plans ensure that your payments align with your budget and preferences.

How to Get Started

Accordingly, if you’re ready to take the first step towards your security career without the worry of upfront costs, here’s how you can get started:

  • Visit our “Train Now, Pay Later” page.
  • Choose your desired security course with the choosing Bronze, Gold or Platinum package.
  • Select the instalment payments option and pick a plan that suits you.
  • Complete the booking process with selecting PayPal credit or LayBuy.


The “Train Now, Pay Later” campaign at Get Licensed is not just a payment option; it’s an opportunity to make your security career dreams a reality. Certainly, by opting for BNPL, you can overcome financial challenges, secure your SIA licence, and with GuardPass secure a job of your liking. We believe that financial constraints should never hold you back from pursuing your goals. Start your SIA training journey with us and take a step closer to your career aspirations.

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