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BS7858 Security Vetting: What It Means

You’re probably here because you’ve heard about BS7858 Security Vetting. It sounds all fancy and official, doesn’t it? But don’t stress, I’m here to explain it all in easy words so everyone can understand. What is This BS7858 Thing? Think of BS7858 as a big background check. Are you aiming for a security job in […]

The difference between EFAW and FAW?

Understanding the Difference between EFAW and FAW: Your Guide to Essential First Aid Training At Get Licensed, we understand that aspiring security professionals and employers in the UK seek clear and accessible information to sort out complex processes. You must understand the difference between FAW and EFAW. Both Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) and […]

Asbestos in Construction: Things to Know 

Understanding the Risks, Regulations, and Best Practices to follow in construction Before the 1980s, asbestos was the best thing since sliced bread. It is excellent for its insulating and heat-resistant properties. However, much like cigarettes and tobacco, we later discovered it is seriously hazardous to health. People who had worked or lived in properties with […]

Door staff to wear facial recognition cameras?

Southampton door supervisors to Wear Facial Recognition Cameras: A Game-Changer for Security At Get Licensed, we are committed to providing professional, reliable, and efficient solutions for aspiring security professionals and employers in the UK. Today, we bring you exciting news from Southampton, where door supervisor will soon be equipped with facial recognition cameras, taking security […]

Top Searched SIA Questions Answered

SIA security, how to get in, the requirements, licence types, etc, the series of questions never ends. Get Licensed sets their weekly goal to help inform you about new updates, resolve your security-related questions and help you stay on track. Our FAQ blog series tackles the most Googled questions to keep you informed and confident. […]

What a Door Supervisor can and cant do? 

When you see a door supervisor managing a busy nightclub entrance or a high-profile event, you might wonder about the extent of their responsibilities and powers. Is it just about checking IDs and managing queues, or is there more to it? Let’s explore the roles and restrictions of a door supervisor. Understanding the Role of […]

Jobs in the UK: Immigrants Guide 

The United Kingdom, with its rich history, diverse culture, and growing economy, has always been a leading source of employment for individuals worldwide. People from overseas bring a wealth of talent, energy, and expertise that contribute significantly to the UK’s workforce. However, keeping track of the job market can take lots of work. In this […]

Your Questions on Security, CSCS and APLH

With this week’s FAQ blog series, we’re here to help with your top questions. Not only about the SIA Licence, but we’re also covering important bits on CSCS and CITB. We aim to clear any confusion and answer your most pressing queries straightforwardly. It’s all about making things more straightforward and simpler for you in […]

Job Roles with a Door Supervisor Licence

In the UK, the security sector offers countless job opportunities, especially for those holding a Door Supervisor Badge. But do you know all the roles you can work with? Let’s learn about different roles for you as a Door Supervisor.  1. Nightclub Door Supervisor – Main Role: Ensuring the safety of club-goers. – Tasks: Checking […]

Breaking Barriers: Buy Now, Pay Later for SIA Training 

Embarking on a career in the security industry can be a rewarding journey, offering opportunities for growth and personal development. However, the cost of security training can sometimes pose a financial challenge, especially for those who are short on cash. The good news is that at Get Licensed, we understand these challenges and have a […]

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