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Cheapest SIA training in London

Book through Get Licensed For The Best SIA Training in London Did you know that there are around 400,000 SIA licence holders in the UK? And more than a quarter of them, 26.5%, are in the London region.  It makes sense. This is because London is a hotspot when it comes to the security industry. […]

Can Security Personnel Use Handcuffs?

Use of Handcuffs You may be wondering if you have seen security guards and door personnel with handcuffs, what working in the security industry allows you to do. And if you can arrest and detain people using handcuffs.  Well, the simple answer is there is no legislation in the United Kingdom that stops citizens from […]

Drug Awareness For Security Personnel

Drugs, unfortunately, are very much part of the UK social scene. The resulting behaviour from taking them can vary considerably. For security personnel, people under the influence of drugs or alcohol can be challenging to deal with, causing problems with other members of the public.  Drug users can cause disruption, even violence towards themselves and […]