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Fun Facts About SIA Holders

Fun Facts About SIA Over the years, active SIA licence holders have been on the rise, and as of date, more than 378k active licence holders are spread all over the UK. There is a lot of fun information about these holders, and we bet there are amazing facts that you didn’t know.  Age Is […]

Women in SIA Security

Did you know that female police officers in England and Wales make up 31.2% of the force, according to recent data? Yet when it comes to the security industry, women make up a lowly 11%.  So what happened to girl power when it comes to the security industry, ladies? Police forces know all too well […]

Changes Are Coming — Act Now

On April 1st, new changes will come into effect regarding the SIA licence. It means that everyone that takes the new SIA course will now also complete new components to their licence.  Why are the changes happening, and what are they?  The changes provide a more robust skill set for those entering the profession. The […]

What Job to do after COVID-19

In a world where millions of people have been made redundant or left jobless due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the job market seems to be massively overcrowded and it’s now as daunting as ever to try and find a new job.  At Get Licensed, we strongly believe that getting an SIA licence will open many […]