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Home Security Industry SIA Licence Stats for April 2024: A Month in Review
SIA Licence Stats for April 2024: A Month in Review

SIA Licence Stats for April 2024: A Month in Review


April 2024 has been quite a month for the Security Industry Authority (SIA), with a flurry of activity across various sectors. From processing applications to awarding qualifications, let’s take a closer look at the key statistics and what they mean for the industry.

A Surge in Applications

In April 2024, the Security Industry Authority (SIA) processed an impressive 27,368 applications, marking a significant uptick in activity compared to previous months. 

Granted: 17,927 applications

This high number of granted applications indicates that a large pool of applicants meets the stringent requirements set forth by the authority, reflecting the quality and preparedness of the security workforce.

Minded to Refuse: 217 applications

These are applications that the SIA initially intended to refuse but may still have room for appeal or further scrutiny. This category highlights the rigorous vetting process to ensure only qualified individuals are granted licences.

Refused: 149 applications

Refusals are crucial for maintaining industry standards. This ensures that only those who meet all the necessary criteria can operate, maintaining public trust and safety.

Withdrawn: 76 applications

Withdrawals can happen for various reasons, such as applicants deciding to reapply after gaining more experience or training, or due to changes in their career plans. 

This surge reflects the growing interest and demand for security roles across the UK. The high number of granted applications showcases the industry’s robust growth and the continuous need for qualified security personnel.

Which Sectors are Booming?

Different sectors saw varying levels of activity. Here’s a sector-by-sector analysis:

  • Door Supervisior: Leading the pack with 14,912 applications, this sector underscores the importance of maintaining safety and order at public venues.
  • Security Guard: 2,302 applications show that traditional security roles remain fundamental to the industry.
  • Public Space Surveillance (CCTV): 2,172 applications reflect the critical role of CCTV operators in monitoring and ensuring public safety.
  • Non Front Line: With 515 applications, this sector includes essential support roles that keep the security operations running smoothly.
  • Close Protection: 386 applications highlight the ongoing need for personal security professionals in a world where safety is paramount.
  • Key Holding: 134 applications indicate a steady demand for professionals managing access control.
  • Cash and Valuables in Transit: With 133 applications, this sector continues to be essential for secure transportation of high-value items.
  • Vehicle Immobilisation: Though only 1 application was processed, this niche area remains critical for ensuring compliance with parking regulations.

Qualifications Awarded

In April 2024, the Security Industry Authority (SIA) awarded a remarkable number of qualifications, reflecting the industry’s commitment to excellence and professional development.

Total Awarded Qualifications: 16,764 

This substantial number highlights the robust training and within the security industry. Awarding these qualifications ensures that security professionals are not only meeting the regulatory standards but are also prepared to handle real-world challenges efficiently. Each qualification awarded is a step towards a more secure environment for the public and businesses.

The process of awarding qualifications involves assessing candidate’s performance in the relevant SIA security training course. These programs cover a wide range of skills necessary for various roles within the security industry

What Does This Mean for You?

If you’re considering a career in the security industry, now is an excellent time to get started. The high number of granted applications and awarded qualifications suggests ample opportunities for those willing to invest in their training and certification.

For employers, these statistics highlight the importance of continuous training and professional development. Ensuring your team holds up-to-date qualifications can significantly enhance the safety and efficiency of your operations. With nearly 18,000 new security professionals entering the workforce, businesses and organisations can expect enhanced security measures and more comprehensive safety protocols. This influx of new talent is essential for meeting the ever-evolving security challenges and demands of today’s world.

Final Thoughts

April 2024 has demonstrated the vibrancy and growth of the security industry. Whether you’re an aspiring security professional or a seasoned veteran, staying informed and qualified is key to success.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from the SIA. Here’s to a safer, more secure future for all!

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