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Working the doors: What to expect in 2022

It’s the beginning of the new year and you’re excited to know what it has to offer. The security industry is expected to thrive with rising demand for security personnel and the SIA’s new initiatives aimed at improving security standards for better public safety.  So, what can security operatives expect in 2022? 1.Active Involvement in […]

SIA Licence in Manchester

Are you a new SIA Licence Holder in Manchester? Are you an SIA Licence Holder planning to relocate to Manchester? If so, here are some of our best tips. SIA Licence Basics First thing’s first; it’s important to understand the limitations of your SIA Licence, as this will ultimately help you find potential work that […]

How To Spot A Fake SIA Licence Card

Knowing how to spot a fake SIA Licence can be the difference between working with a professional and working with a counterfeit. Having attention to detail in spotting a fake is not only looking out for underage drinkers, but also colleagues working alongside you who could be using a fraudulent licence and putting the public at risk. […]