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Preparing For Your SIA Licence Training Course

Preparing For Your SIA Licence Training Course


So, you have made the big decision that front line security is the job for you. Respect. It certainly isn’t for everyone, but the protection of people and property is a decent and honourable vocation, and you can certainly be proud of your choice.

There are however several steps you will need to take before you can legally be employed in the security industry.

A Fresh Start with the Private Security Industry Act 2001

Over two decades ago, the security industry was a very different place. Tales of door supervisors selling drugs, violence, corruption and a general air of dishonesty and danger led to calls for the industry to be regulated in order to better protect the general public. Thus the Private Security Industry Act 2001 was written in to statute, and an industry regulator, the Security Industry Authority, was created.
As a method to eradicate the criminal element from the industry, mandatory personal licensing was introduced. This licensing required two main things:

1) Every applicant for a licence would have to undergo DBS checks, and a criminal record (with certain exemptions and conditions) would mean a licence could not be granted.

2) Every applicant must have undergone approved basic training in an attempt to ensure a more universal standard of performance and behaviour.

Steps to Kickstart Your Career in Security

The success or failure of this system, is a matter for discussion elsewhere, but it does leave any new entrant to the industry with two fundamental tasks to perform before they can commence gainful employment. To take part and pass a mandatory SIA licence training course, and then to apply for the licence.

One of the most highly regarded SIA licence training networks in the UK is Get Licensed. With high quality training materials, regulated standards for their approved trainers, and over 85 locations across the UK, there is no wonder why they have such phenomenal feedback on all review sites, from those that have taken courses booked through them. 

An important note here. You need to fully participate in a bona fide SIA security training course. There have been accounts of fraud and malpractice in the past, but do not be tempted to pay extra money to buy a training pass certificate if you haven’t successfully completed full training. It is illegal, it puts you and those around you in danger if there is an emergency that you haven’t been trained to deal with, and it may lead to your prosecution and banning from the industry. You have been warned…..

Book the Course

So, first things first. Before you can book your training you will need to provide proof of identity and of your address. A photo passport, residence permit, driving licence or birth certificate (two forms of id will be required in most cases) will be needed to prove your identity. For your address two forms of proof will also normally be needed: Bank Statements, utility bills, HRMC letters, or council tax related correspondence, dated within three months of course application will do the trick. If appropriate, a right to work in the UK, will also need to be evidenced.

Once you have the required paperwork, you’ll be able to book your course. I see so many people book SIA door Supervisor course when they are never going to work at licensed premises. You will need additional physical intervention training for this licence which means a longer course and more expense, so if you never plan to actually work on a door, or at big public events where the PI training would be useful, the standard Security Guarding course will be fine.

Essential Pre-Course Preparation

Once your course is booked, there will be more that you will have to do before day one. ACT online counter terrorism training is now compulsory, and you will need to take two online courses (general, and security personnel based) and obtain pass certificates for both, before you can start the course.

Your SIA training will also include a now mandatory emergency first aid course. You may have to perform some basic first aid pre-reading before the course, and this will normally be tested online.

There will also be a requirement to complete e-learning for your training course. This will be a series of videos with some quiz questions to test your understanding. You must make sure this is completed before you attend your course, otherwise you may be asked to rebook your training course.

Once you have finished your e-learning, and this has been verified, you can look at some mock exams and further preparation. If you have booked your course through Get Licensed or the GuardPass app you will have access to FREE SIA mock exams, and additional training to ensure you are fully ready for the course and the testing at the end. A very good idea.

Apply for Your  SIA Licence

You’ve finished your course and CONGRATULATIONS you’ve passed! Now to apply for your first SIA licence. It is all done online these days and currently costs £184, and will need to be renewed, with the licence fee paid, every 3 years.

This can seem a bit daunting, but GuardPass can help you through the entire process.

Welcome to the security industry!

Start your career now with our courses! Click here to begin.


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