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First Steps into Security Management: Your Guide to a Successful Career in the Security Industry

I couldn’t be more pleased that you’ve decided to build a career in the security industry. Best of all, most companies are crying out for good managers, and many companies these days actively develop their staff and promote from within. With this in mind, if you show the right attitude, enthusiasm, and ability, promotion can […]

Preparing For Your SIA Licence Training Course

So, you have made the big decision that front line security is the job for you. Respect. It certainly isn’t for everyone, but the protection of people and property is a decent and honourable vocation, and you can certainly be proud of your choice. There are however several steps you will need to take before […]

Is a Career in Security Right for You?

What is Security? There are a huge variety of front line security roles. Retail security officers to dog handlers. Door supervisors to alarm response officers. Corporate security receptionist to factory gatehouse officers, and many many more. Security is required somewhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year, so whatever […]

What courses are the most useful for different roles?

Beyond the mandatory SIA licensing, there is a wealth of additional security-related training out there. Just have a look at the huge range of quality e-learning packages available on the Get Licensed website. But what are the most appropriate and useful courses for the role you have or want?  Let’s have a look. Jobs where […]

Situational Awareness – An essential tool for Security Officers

Observation skills are vital for security officers. Whatever sector of the industry you work in, keeping your eyes open, and being aware of the issues that a client will want you to notice and record or rectify, is a critical duty. The Critical Duty of Security Officers Things as basic as spotting and closing an […]

What Security Role do I want?

So you like the idea of getting into the protection industry. You have done your SIA mandatory training. You’ve got your Security Industry Authority licence. But what area of the industry appeals to you most? There are a wealth of options, and there will, without doubt, be a role that suits you best. Let’s have […]

Useful kit for Security Officers

It is true that the vast majority of the equipment you will need to successfully perform your role within the security industry, will / should be provided by your employer. “Be prepared” however, for any eventuality. Here is the essential kit that I carry with me, keep in the boot of my car, or in […]

How to get to the top in the security industry!

Hang on a minute. If you can write an article explaining how to get to the top in the security industry, why doesn’t everyone do it? I hear you ask. In brief. Because most can not be bothered. There is no magic wand that will catapult you to the top in your company. You have […]

Security Industry Membership Organisations

If you are career minded, and want to move on within the security industry, joining one of the industry membership organisations is a very good idea. There is a common misconception that being a front line security officer is a bar to membership of many of these groups. That is not the case, indeed, in […]

Writing professional security reports.

         You may have experience in high-end security, the police service, or other fields that may have required you to make accurate and concise reports before. In which case, I apologise for teaching you to suck eggs. Modern Reporting Systems vs. Traditional Reporting           Therefore, if you use an electronic reporting system, much of the […]

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