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The Ultimate Guide to Getting an SIA Licence

The Ultimate Guide to Getting an SIA Licence


If you want to be in the security industry in the United Kingdom, you need a Security Industry Authority licence, also known as an SIA licence. The process of getting an SIA licence will vary depending on the type of job you want to have because there’s a licence for each role. 

Generally speaking, the SIA licence process involves several steps. Such as completing a security licence course, passing a criminal background check, and providing the necessary requirements. To help you understand the application process, we will explain all the steps involved in getting an SIA licence!

Determine the Right Type of Licence for You

As mentioned earlier, there’s an SIA licence for each role. So, the type of licence you need will depend on whether you’re a CCTV operator, a security guard, a door supervisor, close protection officer, or a CIVT operator. Each of these roles has different responsibilities, so the learning process will vary. 

Complete the Relevant Training Course

Before you apply for the relevant licence, you need to complete the corresponding training course. Get Licensed offers an SIA licence course for each type of licence so you can prepare accordingly! Each course will cover a variety of topics, such as conflict management, health and safety, and legislation. They last several days and they’re approved by the SIA. 

Pass Your Criminal Background Check

Once you complete your training course, you need to pass a criminal background check. This is a key part of the SIA licence application process because it helps the SIA determine if you’re suitable for the role you’re applying for. If you have any previous criminal convictions or cautions, you can check to see if your application will be approved by the SIA here

Submit the SIA Licence Application

After completing the SIA licence course and passing the criminal background check, you can submit your application. You need to provide all the necessary requirements, including passport-size photos, information about your qualifications and work experience, and your training course certificate. Additionally, you must pay an application fee, which will cost you £184 and it’s paid directly to the SIA. 

Wait for a Response

The final step in the SIA licence application process is to wait for the authority to make a decision. This may take a few weeks, so it will feel like a long time. If everything is as it should be, the SIA will grant a security licence. 

How to Renew an SIA Licence

SIA licences should be renewed every three years and the process requires additional training, another criminal background check, and a renewal fee. Door supervisors need to complete a top up SIA licence course. Security guards also need a top up SIA licence course for renewal. 

If you want to seek job opportunities in the security industry in the UK, you need to get an SIA licence, and Get Licensed makes it easier! We provide all the courses and resources you need to prepare your application, including an app for Android and iOS

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