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Home Door Supervisor Advanced Self-defence training for security professionals
Advanced Self-defence training for security professionals

Advanced Self-defence training for security professionals


Over the last year, reports of violence in the UK have been on the rise. Self-defence has never been more important than it is now. Everyone should have the right to feel safe. One way to ensure your safety is to get self-defence training to prepare yourself for oncoming danger so that you can react positively to control any situation. 

Advanced Physical Intervention Training course

Our Advanced Physical Intervention Training Course can help you become more street safe, equipping you with the essential confidence and skills needed to avoid dangerous situations, regardless of whether you work in security or not. So, get street safe with Sensei Ibush Kabashi, our 5th Dan MMA Jiu-Jitsu instructor and expert in mixed martial arts, at his Advanced Physical Intervention Training Course.

This training course is designed for Door Supervisors and  Security Guards who want to learn self-defence.

Our Advanced Physical Intervention Training Course that focuses on self-defence will give you the skills and confidence needed to defend yourself from an attack, without needing to be 6 foot tall and 15 stone.

In this course you will learn techniques that can easily be used to immobilise an attacker, turning a dangerous situation into a safe situation in a few crucial seconds. These techniques can be applied to situations when danger is posed from one single assailant or multiple attackers, while working in security or any other job, at work or in your spare time.

So, develop your skills and feel more confident in your role. Learn Advanced Physical Intervention techniques that include:

  • Standing defence
  • Ground defence
  • Throws
  • Locks
  • How to strike
  • Keep yourself safe as well as others around you

What will you learn in the course?

The course runs for 1 full day and is divided into various sections.

Learn from the best, Sensei Ibush Kabashi, a 5th Dan MMA Ji Jitsu Instructor.

How to book the Street Safe Defence course?

It’s easy. You can book the course online or call our friendly customer service line on 0207 078 7259.


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