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Home Security How Students Can Beat the Jobs With No Experience Cycle
How Students Can Beat the Jobs With No Experience Cycle

How Students Can Beat the Jobs With No Experience Cycle


The UK is feeling the effects of a tight labour market nowadays. Nonetheless, countless teenagers and young adults are stepping up to do the work, whether in hospitality, retail, driving or security jobs. Has the age of no jobs with no experience finally come to an end?

Thousands of students have already felt the frustration that comes early in your career. You need the job, the job needs experience, but you can’t get that experience unless you get that job. How does anyone get anything done?

The good news is, the shift in UK jobs brought about by the pandemic has meant students today are the first in a generation or more to have a chance at beating the jobs with no experience cycle. Let’s explore how.

Student jobs are more diverse now than ever

You’ve still got just as much freedom as ever to do a few coffee shop shifts, takeaway app routes or stints behind the bar. But don’t limit your options when it comes to finding student jobs to help you keep earning while you’re learning.


Factors like the pandemic, Brexit and the so-called Great Resignation have shifted the tides of which jobs need which people. The industries hurting for talent the most, you’ll find, are the ones who want you at work fastest.

The payoff is almost literal, because this all means you have the chance to earn more, and earn faster, than many student workers who’ve come and gone before you.

What are the best student jobs with no experience?

Students don’t always have the luxury of time. Looking for work is, well, a lot of work! Jumping through all the hoops in a job application and then getting turned down because of a lack of experience that you were trying to get that job to get is hugely frustrating.


This isn’t helped by the fact that a growing range of jobs nowadays simply don’t train their staff. That’s as true of office jobs as it is of typical student jobs, and makes life difficult for everyone long term.

A great way to get ahead of the game is to take a course that prepares you for the field you want to work in. Courses like this are the perfect way to get over the jobs with no experience roadblock. The course itself is proof you’re qualified for the job!

Students need to know getting jobs with no experience is about picking the right industry

Students go to university to learn how to apply advanced skills to a career. Your dream career is likely not one you can just stroll into with no evidence of learning. In the same way, most jobs rely on you having worked in a similar position before, but often create unfair obstacles.

Yet they’re not impossible obstacles. It’s all about finding the industries most in need of new people. It’s likely not news to you that retail, hospitality and lorry driving are key job sectors in urgent need of people. Yet part of the talent drought in those industries is down to how mistreated at work employees feel.

So is putting up with a low-paying, tedious job the only way forward? Not at all. Students have the chance to land jobs with no experience and start earning fast if they turn their attention to one of the UK’s most in-demand job sectors.

Student security jobs with no experience make it easy to earn fast

When you’re out at night and the door supervisor gives you and your friends the nod to go in? They’re an SIA Licence holder, having completed a 6-day Door Supervisor Course – and at full-time pay, they’re likely making up to £2,500 a month.

Add that to the fact that the security industry is in huge need of new people, and that when you get licensed you have the proof you can work right there in your qualification, and you can see how this is one way of getting work fast. Better still, employers need you so much that wages are rising and the usual interview faff is cast aside – security professionals get hired fast.


It’s easy to assume only certain kinds of people can work in security jobs, but that’s just not the case. Women are in high demand in the industry, and the more cultural backgrounds are working in security, the better.

Plus, if you’re not a people person, you could always get a student job as a CCTV Operator instead. All the same perks like flexible hours, but you’re hidden away in a control room.

Get licensed and get earning

Not everyone has realised yet just how effective security work for students can be. Get ahead of the game!

Getting hired fast means skipping the tedium of interviews (and ghosting employers), and getting to the important bit. That’s showing up, doing your job, and getting paid.

Your ticket into the industry is your SIA Licence, and it’s valid for 3 years when you’ve got it. That means you can dip in an out of security work over the course of your uni time, or keep it as a backup plan in case things take a hit elsewhere.

Getting that licence means taking a course, whether that’s simple security guard qualification, a more versatile Door Supervisor course, or the more niche CCTV Operator course.

You’re not on your own in this either. Our free Get Licensed app can guide you through the process and even connects you to employers once you’re licensed, to put money in your pocket fast.

Security jobs with no experience work well for students because your SIA Licence is what proves you’re qualified. Break the ‘experience to work to get experience to work’ cycle, and join one of the fastest-growing job markets in the UK!


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