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How an SIA Licence Helped Nikki Find Work in Security

How an SIA Licence Helped Nikki Find Work in Security


With demand for skilled professionals at an all time high all over the UK, it’s understandable why you’d want to find work in security. For over 14 years now, Get Licensed has helped people understand their next job steps and helped them get there, and that includes Nikki.

Nikki spoke with us about her experience, going from wondering how to find work in security, to doing her course, getting her SIA Licence and quickly getting a job.

Finding work in security after military service

Nikki wanted a security job because she recognised that her experience in the military put her in a great position to do well in security work. A friend of hers recommended Get Licensed as a way of finding out her next steps for working and earning in the industry.


Resettlement into civilian life after service is often a tricky journey to take. A lot of jobs simply require drastically different skills. Yet Nikki was able to see not only how her own abilities were transferable, but also that the demand for female security professionals gave her another advantage.

Nikki chose to find work in security in the most versatile way

Sometimes, learning about working in the security industry feels like there’s lots of information to take in. Nikki explained to us that originally, she thought her best bet was to take a Security Guard Course.

It makes sense, but like many people, she then realised the best way to find work in security is with a Door Supervisor Licence. Nikki was able to easily change the course she’d booked from a Security Guard Course to a Door Supervisor Course with us.


Nikki passed her training course first time

Nikki booked with Get Licensed to do Door Supervisor training in Ilford. This course covers a lot of topics, but Nikki told us that the training instructor made sure everyone was able to keep up with the information.

Finding the course very thorough and informative, Nikki was able to power through the exams with confidence. Remember, a Door Supervisor Course includes a mix of multiple choice exams, but also practical assessment exercises.

We’re happy to say Nikki thanked the thoroughness of her training instructor for how easy she found the Door Supervisor Course. It’s likely her own military background helped her transfer useful skills to her learning too.

However, don’t forget our Get Licensed app is useful to give you advanced knowledge, mock exams and plenty of support if you’re looking to work in security yourself. Give it a try!

Nikki got her SIA Licence to find work in security

It’s illegal to work in UK security without an SIA Licence. Nikki applied for her licence after passing her Door Supervisor Course first time. The SIA goes over these course results, and other factors like mental health and criminal records, when deciding to give you a licence.

It’s exciting to say that not only did Nikki get her SIA Licence easily, but she also found it just as easy to get into work and start earning fast.

If you’re fed up with endless job interviews, companies who never get back to you, tweaking your CV to jump through endless hoops for even the most basic work… look no further than security jobs!


Businesses are keen to solve the UK security shortage. Once you have your SIA Licence, you’ll hopefully find it as easy as Nikki did to get a job.

She now works in Ipswich across a number of pubs and bars as a door supervisor. With only a Security Guard Licence, Nikki wouldn’t have been able to work at these venues.

Nikki tells us her favourite parts of the job are meeting people, and the job satisfaction that comes with keeping everyone safe. Better yet, she got a pay rate she’s happy with, at £12 per hour, part-time.

Full-time door supervisors can earn up to £2,500 per month, so she’s got plenty of scope to grow if she wants.

Find work in security fast

The security industry isn’t interested in complicated job interviews and time-wasting. The beauty of an SIA Licence is that it proves you’re qualified and can do the job. The demand for security professionals is high enough that getting work is very easy.

Nikki shared another open secret with us as we rounded off our conversation. Women working in security in the UK are able to find work even faster than most, because the industry is almost 90% male.


Remember, stereotyping is one thing, but the reality of security work is another. The truth is, female guests at a nightclub prefer being searched by female security professionals. Likewise, many women simply feel unsafe around male security professionals, and need female support to best cooperate.

Nikki’s story shows that opportunities to find work in security quickly, and to earn a good living doing so, are out there for the taking. An SIA Licence is valid for 3 years, making it an investment you can fall back on any time you need work on the side, or something that fits around other commitments.

It’s just as viable to make it your core career path too though. Nikki already has plans to one day move forward into security management jobs. Think you’ll be following in her footsteps?

Looking for jobs?

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