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Home Security Why Security Jobs Make Civvie Life After Resettlement Easier
Why Security Jobs Make Civvie Life After Resettlement Easier

Why Security Jobs Make Civvie Life After Resettlement Easier


There’s a sense of pride that comes from service to your country. That feeling of achievement is one few other careers can match — the knowledge that your actions have benefited, protected and even saved people’s lives. It can make the hunt for the right resettlement jobs in life after military service tricky.

Joining the military involves specialist training that perfects your mind and body for challenges that most civilians never need to think about. But the step back to civvie life doesn’t mean you need to let those skills go to waste.


Security jobs need skill and strategy

Security work resettlement jobs let servicemen and women stepping back into civilian life transfer key skills from their military training.

Not only is the demand for UK private security jobs incredibly high, but the industry overall needs people who value duty, strategy and keeping calm in heated moments.

Military resettlement programmes do excellent work in connecting people leaving service to the resources they need to live and work well. Yet don’t overlook the demand, flexibility or earning potential of security jobs. Once you get licensed, the potential to mix your military-taught skills with the needs of the role might surprise you.

How resettlement jobs in security use skills from your service life

It can feel odd walking back into civilian life for many servicemen and women. Everything feels like it lacks structure and order. The next job you go for might feel as though it’s nothing but lazy, unmotivated people. It could be a huge company, all working hard, but it’s still a step removed from service life!

But it’s different in security. While the private security sector might not have the same level of structure as your service life, you’ll find your skills transfer very well. Employers are sure to pay attention, and it’ll open a wider range of security courses for you than most.

Your eye for detail will be a fantastic skill from service life to use in any security resettlement jobs, especially as a CCTV Operator. Half the job is about seeing what so other many people don’t, and noticing things people want to keep hidden.

Your cool head in a crisis will be an incredibly valuable service skill for security work. Security professionals like door supervisors work on the frontlines of shops, businesses and events. The ability to think clearly in a tense moment is exactly what employers are looking for.

Your physical training is often an asset in security work. A security guard could need to chase a thief. A close protection officer works in some of the most high-end, physically demanding contracts in the world.

You level of discipline is also a huge advantage when you’re looking for security jobs, compared to other candidates. Security work isn’t always active and glamorous. It often involves long shifts of staying in one place, or patrolling a set route. But as you probably know already, any patrol where nothing happens means you’re doing your job right!


Start earning fast with resettlement jobs in security work

The huge UK demand for security professionals means employers will often fast-track newcomers into a role easily. Of course, that’s only the case if you’ve completed a course to gain your SIA Licence.

Yet once you’ve completed your training, got your licence and perfected your CV, chances are you’ll have an easier time getting into work after military life than most.

Support for resettlement is always there to help ease the journey, including grants you can put towards security training courses that’ll prepare you for a fulfilling way to earn your living as a civilian.

We support your next step forward

You have our full support too. Our free Get Licensed app gives you insights, tips, mock tests and ebooks that’ll help you plan your next security job step.

Part of the brilliance of service life is knowing you’re keeping innocent lives safe. That doesn’t have to end when your service career does. The stakes might not be as high, but people and property will always need protecting.

How you put your skills to use from here is all up to you.

Looking for security jobs?

To find the latest security jobs, check out our Jobs Board, which has 1,000+ jobs from the UK’s best security companies. 

If you’re on the hunt for a security job on the go, download the Get Licensed app for all the latest jobs and more. The Get Licensed App is available for download on the Apple App Store or on the Google Play Store


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