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Getting Your SIA Training Online – Virtual Courses Available

How do they work? SIA Training Courses – Venues Of course, you can attend any of the SIA courses in the venues throughout the UK. Check this link to discover where the courses are held. Often this means travelling, and hotel stays on top of the course costs—still worth it though, as quickly earned back […]

Avoid Having Your SIA Licence Being Rejected

Do I Need To Have A SIA Licence To Work in Security? Yes, you do. Since 2003 it is illegal to work any private security job without the correct SIA licence—doing so could see you fined or even imprisoned. The government set up the Security Industry Association as a statutory non-departmental government body in 2003. […]

G4S Merger Will Create The World’s Largest Security Firm

If you think of security in the UK, you can’t help but think of security giant G4S. The company manages huge security contracts, including the management of prisons as well as major private contracts.  The saga of the G4S has been going on for months, but it is finally over. The hostile takeover by Canadian […]

Papers For Pints Brings Job Opportunities For Door Personnel

Sadly, what’s been missing during the pandemic is the chance just to get out and have a drink with mates at the local pub. The hospitality industry has been hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 epidemic, but measures are now in place to ease the lockdown. Unfortunately, it will be long after schools, gyms, shops, […]

The Easiest Way To Defuse Conflict – Conflict Management

Imagine you are on the job as a door supervisor. There is a queue, and it is starting to get restless. One group is obviously drunk and getting a bit loud and are arguing. What do you do?  Well, the first thing is you won’t worry. Your training for your Door Supervisor SIA licence has […]

How To Go From Security Guard To A Manager In Security

For too long, security work has been seen to be a part-time option. It’s not! There are plenty of full-time opportunities and an exciting career ladder to climb. Go from on the job to managing it or training people to do it.  Any job has specific requirements, knowledge, skills and experience. Like many other professional […]

What Is Reasonable Force & How Does It Affect Your Work In Security

Security work is about keeping the public safe, in some circumstances that can involve security guards containing aggressive or violent situations. In today’s world of increasing litigation coping with these situations can be a grey area. As such, the training required to receive your SIA door supervisor licence includes physical intervention training along with conflict […]

Shortage Of Door Supervisors Could Stop Bars And Clubs Reopening

The BBC released an article stating that venues such as bars and nightclubs may struggle to open as planned due to the lack of door supervisors available.  As it’s been over a year since nightclubs have been closed, many security professionals have moved into other work or none UK nationals have returned to their home […]

Why It’s Good To Work In The Security Industry

When seeking a career that can offer benefits, hold one’s interest, and also be rewarding, security should be at the top of the list.  The industry has evolved to change with the times. However, many aspects of it are the same. Individuals and corporations have possessions or physical assets that they would like to protect, […]

What Jobs Can You Do With A SIA CCTV Licence?

We all know closed-circuit TV (CCTV) cameras are part of our lives, and they are not going away. There are millions of CCTV cameras all over the UK, and someone has to be watching them. With an SIA CCTV licence, it could be you. From monitoring public safety to spotting card counters in a casino, […]