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Everything you need to know about SIA Criminal Records Checks for those who have lived overseas

In our fun facts blog we found out what a diversely rich industry, security is with licence holders from almost 200 countries.  However, if you have lived overseas, prior to your recent licence application, it will be your job to help the SIA with providing information about yourself.  In this blog, we look at the […]

Can I apply for an SIA licence if I have recently had mental health issues?

Mental health is somewhat still of a taboo issue. High-profile people such as Prince Harry and Prince William have tried to bring the subject to the general public admitting themselves that they suffered from mental health issues after the death of their mother, Princess Diana.  While many of us still find it difficult to admit, […]

5 ways to improve your security CV

1 Use the Get Licensed CV builder  Guess what? If you have been struggling to put together a CV, Get Licensed is here to help! Simply log on to the free CV builder on the site, choose a template and answer some questions and hey presto, you got yourself a great looking CV.  Maybe you […]

Cheapest SIA training in London

Book through Get Licensed For The Best SIA Training in London Did you know that there are around 400,000 SIA licence holders in the UK? And more than a quarter of them, 26.5%, are in the London region.  It makes sense. This is because London is a hotspot when it comes to the security industry. […]

Can Security Personnel Use Handcuffs?

Use of Handcuffs You may be wondering if you have seen security guards and door personnel with handcuffs, what working in the security industry allows you to do. And if you can arrest and detain people using handcuffs.  Well, the simple answer is there is no legislation in the United Kingdom that stops citizens from […]

England Security Team – The Consequences of Poor Security

In a move that should send a stern warning to security agencies to always efficiently carry out their duties, the FA has fired the security team responsible for ensuring the safety of England’s players. Members of the British team raised concerns about their safety while staying at the central London hotel. The team is currently […]

Manchester Arena Bombing – 6 missed security opportunities

In recent years, one of the worst acts of terrorism was the bombing that took place at the Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena in 2017.  On this tragic evening, 22 people were killed. Five hundred people were hurt leaving Manchester’s several hospitals struggling to cope. Another three hundred people have been left with […]

Fun Facts About SIA Holders

Fun Facts About SIA Over the years, active SIA licence holders have been on the rise, and as of date, more than 378k active licence holders are spread all over the UK. There is a lot of fun information about these holders, and we bet there are amazing facts that you didn’t know.  Age Is […]

Get Licensed welcomes Lord Herbert to their advisory board

Get Licensed welcomes Nick Herbert (Lord Herbert of South Downs) to their board advisor. The CEO Shahzad Ali announced that Nick Herbert (Lord Herbert of South Downs) would be joining the Get Licensed board as an advisor. Get Licensed is the UK’s leading booking industry serving the security industry. We make it our business to […]

Do I need to display my SIA licence at all times?

A lot of security professionals often ask if they have to show their SIA licence when on duty. While the answer to this one might seem simple, there are some factors that could influence whether you should or not. In this blog, we’ll help you figure out if your SIA licence must be displayed or […]