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SIA Clampdowns Highlight the Risks of Unlicensed Security Work

An SIA Licence is a legal requirement for anyone working as a security professional in the UK. This isn’t exactly news. But one thing that keeps making headlines are the risks of unlicensed security work. A lot of this illegal security work isn’t happening with any bad intentions. People are simply trying to put food […]

How to Stay Calm if People Are Filming You At Work

Everyone wants to be the one who makes the next viral video. The online world loves videos, and experts believe over 82% of internet traffic will be video during 2021. Almost everyone has a smartphone, which means almost everyone has a camera. That means the odds of people filming you at work are pretty high. […]

Why Do Security Professionals Need Action Counters Terrorism Skills?

It’s incredible to think that we recently passed the 20-year anniversary of 9/11. The world was shaken forever by the tragic events of 11th September 2001. Even two decades later, security professionals are trained to stay hyper-aware of terrorism risks. It’s why the SIA has put Action Counters Terrorism skills in training courses for door […]

Turning Back the Rising Tide of Abuse Against Security Workers

It’s been a frustrating couple of years for everyone. Plenty of surprises, none of which we wanted, have made the 2020s a decade that got off to a pretty memorable start. A sad side effect of all this is that abuse against security workers, retail staff, hospitality staff and others seems to be always on […]

Do Clubbers Need Vaccine Passports? New Government Guidance Rethinks COVID Passes

Getting out on the town is something plenty of people are enjoying these days. It’s been a long time coming, although the pandemic still has plenty of us worried too. So, do clubbers need vaccine passports? The guidance previously given by the government has had a few changes since the initial advice. Security professionals have […]

Everything You Need to Know About Security Guard SIA Top-Up Training

With your skills in such high demand, it’s a satisfying time to work as a security guard. Yet keeping your security guard licence active is crucial to making sure you can stay in work. That’s why Security Guard SIA Top-Up Training is so important. This isn’t just a security guard refresher training course. Because of […]

How to Become a Security Training Instructor

While the security shortage in the UK is now pretty well-known, the dedication of training instructors is what’s solving the problem. These are the people who take their direct security industry experience and use it to help the next generation into security work. So, how to become a security training instructor for yourself, you might […]

The Black Market Bouncers of the UK Nightlife Industry

Watching society reopen has been a fantastic thing. Many of us are making sure we take each step forward safely. Unfortunately though, that also means rulebreakers like ‘black market bouncers’ are putting the safety and reputation of the security sector in jeopardy. Reports have continued to hit the media ever since Freedom Day in July […]

The Importance of Neurodiversity in Security Professionals

Overcoming the UK security professional shortage means raising awareness on how important diversity is. More than making sure every gender, cultural background and age range feels welcome, it’s also about celebrating neurodiversity in security. In times now gladly behind us as a society, anyone who wasn’t ‘neurotypical’ was pressured to conform. There was always only […]

The End of Furlough – What Security Professionals Need to Know

The pandemic has been a long, strange journey for us all. We’ve all adapted to a new way of life, but one thing has loomed large in many working professionals’ minds – the end of furlough. Also known as the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, furlough was brought in to keep jobs safe, hardworking people afloat […]