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The Best Cybersecurity is Physical Security

Cybersecurity is big business, especially because it costs businesses big when things go wrong. Cybercriminals have more and more sophisticated ways to attack and steal from companies of all kinds. And the most overlooked cyberattack method of all? Physical hacking. Hollywood loves to show hacking off as some glamorous crime. In reality, computer hacking is […]

How UK Student Visa Jobs in Security Work

Studying in the UK is brilliant, but earning money in the UK is even better! That’s not just because of how strong British money is compared to other currencies, but also because UK student visa jobs are growing all the time. It’s no secret that security work is in high demand, all over the UK. […]

Security Skills Fade, But Don’t Let That Stop You Earning

Although an SIA Licence is valid for 3 years once you have it, life is full of surprises. It’s understandable that not every security professional who holds a licence works in security for that full 3-year period. That means even the best people in the business can see their skills fade over time. Likewise, sometimes […]

How Students Can Beat the Jobs With No Experience Cycle

The UK is feeling the effects of a tight labour market nowadays. Nonetheless, countless teenagers and young adults are stepping up to do the work, whether in hospitality, retail, driving or security jobs. Has the age of no jobs with no experience finally come to an end? Thousands of students have already felt the frustration […]

The Top 10 Jobs for Students

The 2020s quickly became a pretty… interesting time to be a student. Sometimes it’s good to know there’s something stable you can use to earn money. It’s why jobs for students are always in such high demand. However, finding the best student work isn’t always easy. Luckily, it doesn’t always have to be a job […]

How an SIA Licence Helped Nikki Find Work in Security

With demand for skilled professionals at an all time high all over the UK, it’s understandable why you’d want to find work in security. For over 14 years now, Get Licensed has helped people understand their next job steps and helped them get there, and that includes Nikki. Nikki spoke with us about her experience, […]

Finding the Best UK Pubs

Whether you’re a door supervisor looking for the next job, a personal licence holder considering your career options, or just out on your course and after a pint… you need to know where the best UK pubs are! Read on to go on a nationwide pub crawl, from Glasgow to Penzance. Best Glasgow pubs When […]

The A-Z Of SIA Licence Criminal Record Checks

Did you know that over 11 million people in the UK have a criminal record? It’s a surprising statistic, but it doesn’t mean you need to worry about SIA Licence criminal record checks. We’ve talked about getting a security licence previously, and how you will be subject to criminal record checks. The good news is […]

How Self Defence Courses Help Push Back Against Sexual Harassment

Anyone working in security knows that sometimes this job means facing the nasty side of life — even when talking about self defence courses. This article is one of those times. Fair warning — we’re discussing some heavy and distressing topics here. These are always unpleasant statistics to report. They make for disturbing reading, no […]

Why Security Jobs Make Civvie Life After Resettlement Easier

There’s a sense of pride that comes from service to your country. That feeling of achievement is one few other careers can match — the knowledge that your actions have benefited, protected, and even saved people’s lives. It can make the hunt for the right resettlement jobs in life after military service tricky. Joining the […]