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Guardians’ Resilience – Stress Awareness Month Spotlight

Guardians’ Resilience – Stress Awareness Month Spotlight


Ever feel like you’re piecing together a puzzle without seeing the picture? Imagine that’s your daily grind, ensuring everyone’s safety, often without the acknowledgment of the broader picture you’re contributing to. This Stress Awareness Month, we’re zooming into the world of our security heroes—the unseen champions of our daily peace.

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The Unseen Struggle Behind the Badge

It’s no secret that being in security means facing the unpredictable. But did you know that beneath their calm exterior, many security professionals grapple with significant stress, including PTSD symptoms, verbal abuse, and even physical assaults? Recent studies reveal a staggering 40% of security workers show signs of PTSD, with over half regularly encountering verbal abuse.

But here’s the kicker—these heroes keep pushing on, embodying resilience in every shift. It’s high time we amplify their stories and the battles they face in silence.

Now, let’s dive a bit deeper into what’s really going on behind the badge:

The Hidden Battle: PTSD & Verbal Abuse

The Hidden Battle: PTSD & Verbal Abuse

77% of folks working security say they’ve hit burnout at their current gig (source). Yeah, the job’s way more than just keeping an eye on things. You’re in for a heap of surprises that really puts you through the wringer, mentally and emotionally. 

Check this: 40% of security officers are showing PTSD symptoms, and get this, more than half are getting verbally bashed on the regular. We’re talking 64.6% dealing with harsh words every single month, and 43% are staring down threats of violence just as often. Plus, over a third are feeling the stress big time, with loads of them wrestling with anxiety and depression (source). 

These are a loud wake-up call about what it’s really like out there in the security world.

A Listening Ear Can Light Up Their World

As a security employer, you know better than anyone that night shifts have unpredictability in the work environment, and the physical dangers are just a part of the job. But wait,what about the silent battles they fight within? The resilience they show in the face of adversity is commendable and heroic.

Let them know their bravery isn’t just in the background and the tough spots they face aren’t invisible. It sends a message: “We see what you’re going through, and yeah, it matters.” A little recognition can light up someone’s day. Say a little more than “good job”; show your team that their hard work and resilience are truly valued.

Advocate for Professional Support

Pushing for mental health resources and training? Like handing someone the keys to a more robust, happier life. A nice-to-have critical gear in your toolkit. Equip your security team with mental resilience training, counselling access, and the chance to bond over shared experiences in peer support groups. Help them dodge the daily bullets of stress and burnout. Set them up to excel, to really own their space. 

These resources are like life vests in stormy seas—sure, you hope you won’t need them, but, do they make a difference when the waves hit. Invest in your security team’s mental well-being. It makes a good sense— a must-do for a team that’s ready to face anything.

Foster a Culture of Respect

Foster a Culture of Respect

Building a culture of respect? Like laying down a solid foundation for a house—everything else stands on it. When respect and understanding comes from both the public and within your own team – magic happens. It’s about seeing and valuing each other beyond the badges and uniforms, recognising the person behind the job. This foundation of respect is what true resilience rests on, giving everyone the strength to stand tall.

Your Support Counts

Your security team is not just for locking doors or walking beats; It’s clear they’re the silent pillars of our night’s rest. But who’s got their back? It kicks off with a nod of thanks from folks out here, a bit of understanding from you, and some solid rules that look out for their headspace cab make a big difference. Advocating for policies to simply showing gratitude, let’s make a difference 

This Stress Awareness Month, let’s rally behind our unsung heroes in security. It’s time to honour exceptional mental health support and tip our hats to their unwavering resilience.

Maintaining safety is about acknowledging and supporting the inner strength and silent bravery that your team members bring to their roles every single day. 

Want to enhance their skills? Remember investing in their training and well-being is beneficial and essential. With Get- Licensed security training courses, ensure your team is prepared to meet the challenges head-on and supported through initiatives that recognize their hard work and dedication.

Consider how you can contribute to their well-being and professional growth. Because at the end of the day, ensuring our safety is as much about physical diligence as it is about nurturing the quiet force and steadfast courage within each of these invaluable protectors of our everyday peace.

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