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Courtneys Experience with Get Licensed

Courtneys Experience with Get Licensed


Gain wisdom and a learn from the great experience of Courtney. 

Introducing Courtney, a certified Door Supervisor who aced her journey in security. In this blog you can learn about Courtney’s experience in the field of security and specifically about her experience as Door Supervisor. Moreover, she also highlights the role of the Get Licensed customer service team in helping her through her entire journey. Why security? What are the benefits? Find all the details in this blog. Lets delve into it. 

Choosing the Path to Security

Courtney’s journey into the world of security began while she was working as a steward for her company. Her desire for more hours and greater flexibility in her career led her to consider working in the security industry and obtain that security badge. ” I thought I’d get my badge.” Courtney says, about her decision that changed her professional path. 

Course Experience: Learning and companionship 

What made her best at her job was the knowledge she gained from Get Licensed instructors. She speaks further as, “I think I had a really good instructor. So we kind of helped each other and it was just a pleasant experience.” Having an experienced and knowledgeable guide made a significant difference in her learning journey. 

However, she not only benefited from the instructors but also gained knowledge from her fellow members. Courtney recalls it as,”my class really got along very well.” She tells that the environment of the class was very progressive and supportive. It did not only help Courtney learn about the course but also build her teamwork skills. 

Exceptional Customer Service

A lot of time one can get stuck in confusing situations, that is where Get Licensed customer service can help. Courtney shares her feedback regarding our customer service, that is,” They were great. Their booking made it very easy. Any problems we had we just went to them and they just solved it and helped us out. The customer service team was good.” Courtney’s journey was made easy with the help of exceptional customer support. 

Tips for Success: Taking It Seriously

Take experienced advise from Courtney on clearing your SIA exams in first attempt. She explains as, “just take it seriously, it’s literally six days and then you’re qualified.” The reason of her emphasis is certainly that its not hard and time taking, one can easy clear test by simply paying attention to the lectures. 

GuardPass App: A Helpful Resource

When it comes to the GuardPass app, Courtney had a positive experience. “Getting in touch with customer service on the app was really helpful and quick,” in brief she states. What impressed her the most was the responsiveness of the customer service team. “They literally responded in two minutes,” Courtney exclaims, highlighting the efficiency of the app’s support system.

Diverse Roles in Security: Courtney’s Story Continues

In this part of her story, Courtney tells us how her job in keeping people safe keeps changing. She does different kinds of work in her job. She also tells us what parts of her work she finds really exciting and fun.

Various Roles: Different Experiences

In her job about safety, Courtney does lots of different things. She works both at the entrance of places and also watches over tests, showing how many things she can do in her job. She has been part of big, important events like the King’s Coronation and also helps keep theaters safe. Courtney says, “I am a door supervisor and also an invigilator. We do like the King’s Coronation we’ve done, I do theatre, doors, everything like that.” to show how her job is always changing.

Embracing Change

Courtney really likes that her job is always changing. Every time she goes to work, it’s a little bit different. “I like how it can change, it’s very different each shift,” she says. What makes her job so interesting is the different people she meets and how they react to different things. “You meet different people, different reactions to things,” Courtney says, talking about what makes her job fun and interesting.

Empowering Women in Security: Courtney’s Views

In this part of Courtney’s story, she gives good advice and talks about what it’s like to be a woman who works in security. She helps us understand the special things that are hard and also the good parts of being a woman in her job.

Booking Your Security Training Course

If you’re thinking about taking a course to learn about safety, Courtney has some simple advice. “I’d just say apply to loads of them and use the GuardPass app because they have loads of available jobs on there too,” she says. What Courtney means is that it’s good to try many different courses and also use the GuardPass app to find lots of jobs you can do in the security field.

Thriving as a Woman in Security

Courtney’s story about being a woman in the safety world is really interesting and makes her feel strong. She knows that being a woman in this job can sometimes be hard. “It’s very interesting because people underestimate you,” she says. But, she thinks that if you’re confident and have a great team, you can do really well. “If you have a good team and you’re very confident, you normally do very well,” Courtney says with assurity.

Encouragement for Women in Security

For women thinking about a job in safety, Courtney has easy but strong advice. “Do it. Don’t be afraid of anything and just go for it,” she says. Her words make people feel strong and not scared, telling women they should follow their dreams in this always-changing job. In addition to her words, women have the margin to grow their career in security easily as there is a high demand for female workers. 

A Grateful Note

At the end, Courtney says thank you in a special way: “Thank you, Get Licensed, for helping me get my badge and loads of work.” She really means it and shows how much help and chances to work come from places like Get Licensed. Courtney’s story about her job in security helps other people, especially girls and women, feel like they should try this kind of work. It tells them they can grow, feel strong, and do well.

In the end, Courtney wanted to grow and get better in her job, and that’s why she chose a career in security. She had a really good and professional instructors, make friends in class, find jobs in security and helpful people to talk to, making her feel good and that she has learn a lot. Courtney’s own story shows us that you can find chances to grow and find good friends in the world of security work. Whether you want to work more hours or learn useful things, there’s always a way to do more. 

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