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Hospital Security and our NHS.

Hospital Security and our NHS.


Hospital Security plays a vital part in our NHS. They protect and ensure the safety of all individuals, including both patients and staff. 

To qualify as a Hospital Security, you will first need to obtain an SIA Security Guard or Door Supervision licence. It may also be required to hold an SIA CCTV Licence.

What positions are available in Hospital Security

Working as part of the NHS as Hospital Security can suggest three different role titles. Some of the Hospital Security Roles that you can apply for include;

Hospital Security Officer

As an NHS Hospital Security Officer, you will get positioned near the entrance to monitor all ingoing and outgoing activity. 

Hospital Security Officers have a variety of responsibilities. Some of these could include; calling the police in the event of an emergency, visitor sign-in, and regular patrols.

Security Team Leader

You will have many responsibilities as an NHS Hospital Security Team Leader. You will likely oversee the work of several security officers, organise staff rosters and deal with regular security issues. 

Being a Security Team Leader will often require some previous experience working in the Security Sector.

Security Manager

As an NHS Security Manager, you could potentially be responsible for more than just one NHS location. 

In addition to monitoring staff, you will also draft security plans, inform managers of security issues, and coordinate staff training.

Being a Security Manager will often require you to have previous experience, likely in a managerial role.

The Importance of NHS Hospital Security

Hospital Security staff are vital for many reasons, most of which we are sure you can imagine. However, here are some things that Hospital Security help with that perhaps you have never considered.

Reassurance for patients and their loved ones

NHS Hospital Security personnel provide unspoken reassurance to patients and their loved ones. This makes them feel confident in the fact that they are in safe hands.


It may come as an inspiration to see someone of the security forces. Perhaps it sounds cheesy, but it’s true.


Individuals tend to be less stressed when they have a feeling of safety. This means that your presence is responsible for the calm atmosphere that can be created in a hospital environment. 

How to work as NHS Hospital security

You can apply for any available openings through the NHS Jobs portal.

When applying for a role either directly through the NHS or in an organisation that offers NHS services, you will be asked how the NHS values apply to you in your work.

Learn more about NHS Values.


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