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Quality Security Training Matters the Most

Quality Security Training Matters the Most


Have you ever thought about the people who keep us safe? Whether at concerts, malls, or even our homes, security personnel play a critical role in our safety. But what if they dont have quality security training? Let’s dive in.

A Surprising Discovery by BBC

Take the case of recent discovery, the BBC uncovered something shocking. Some security guards got their work licences after taking short, “sham” training courses.  As an illustration, Imagine…. It’s like learning to swim in a puddle instead of a pool. This isn’t just about breaking rules; it’s about keeping all of us safe, and without quality training it be a risk for all.

Why It’s a Big Deal 

To demonstrate, if a lifeguard didn’t learn proper rescue techniques, would you feel safe swimming? Obviously, the same goes for security. However, without proper training, mistakes can happen. And sometimes, these mistakes can be very costly.

Get Licensed to the Rescue! 

Now, here’s the good news. At Get Licensed, we believe in doing things right. We stick to the highest industry standards. Our courses aren’t just “good enough”. They’re the best, and we have the badges to prove it! Nevertheless, we’re super proud of our accreditations and endorsements. They’re like gold stars on a report card.

How We Stand Out  

1. Real Quality Training: 

No shortcuts here! We believe in thorough training. After all, safety is a big deal. Further, our training is detailed because we believe in following rules, and SIA has indeed set the best of them.

2. Top-Notch Courses:

 Our courses are designed by experts. In brief, they cover everything important, ensuring our guards are ready for anything.

3. Proud Accreditations: 

We’re backed by some of the top names in the industry. In fact, it’s like having a team of superheroes on our side!

Our Courses: 

Door Supervisor (DS): 

A comprehensive 6-day course that covers all the nitty-gritty of being an effective door supervisor. Indeed, it is the most demanded licence in the security industry.

Security Guard (SG): 

Dive deep into the world of security with our detailed 4-day course. Moreover, you get to explore multiple job opportunities with this licence.

CCTV Training:

 This is a 3-day course where you learn the tech side of security. Ensure those camera feeds are in the best hands. Additionally, you are responsible to stay focused and find any misshaping through the CCTV.

Door Supervisor Top-Up:

 This 2-day refresher ensures our door supervisors stay updated and on top of their game. Furthermore, to clarify, this course is done to renew your door supervisor course.

Security Guard Top-Up

Another 2-day course to ensure our security guards remain sharp and ready.

In Conclusion  

Safety isn’t just a word. It’s our promise. A promise we, at Get Licensed, stand by. Therefore, the next time you spot a security guard, think about the training behind the badge. If they’re from Get Licensed, know you’re in safe hands.

Start your career now with our courses! Click here to begin.


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