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Regulatory Compliance: Inflexible in Security

Regulatory Compliance: Inflexible in Security


Hello, future security stars! Ever heard of the saying, “Rules are there for a reason”? Well, this couldn’t be more true in the world of security. Let’s chat about why following rules (or as the grown-ups call it, ‘regulatory compliance’) is super important in security training. And how we makes sure we’re always on the right track.

1. What’s the Big Deal with Rules?  

Imagine playing a game without any rules. It’d be chaos, right? The same goes for security training. We have rules to keep things safe, smooth, and top-notch. The UK’s Security Industry Authority (SIA) is the game planner. They set the rules for security training. And trust us, their regulatory compliances are golden!

2. The ABCs of SIA Rules  

The SIA has a bunch of cool rules. Like making sure training courses have the right stuff. They say a Door Supervisor course should be 6 days long. And they’re right! In 6 days, you learn many things to make you the best at your job. And there are rules for other courses too. They all make sure you’re ready for real-world action.

3. How GL Sticks to the Rules  

At Gl, we consider SIA’s rules our best friend. They guide us. So, here you get every course that has approval by the SIA. We check and double-check to make sure we’re doing things right. Our trainers? They’re not just smart, they know the rules by heart. And we always keep our ears open for any new rules.

4. The Oopsie of Skipping Rules  

Now, let’s imagine some folks decide to skip these rules. They might finish courses super fast. But here’s the thing: they miss out on learning important stuff. And that’s risky. If something goes wrong in a real job, they won’t know what to do. That’s why at, we say no to shortcuts.

5. When We Say ‘No’, We Mean It

If someone tells you, “Hey, why wait for 6 days when you can finish a course in 1 day?”, be careful. At Get Licensed, we’d never do that. We want you to learn everything. And if that means taking a few more days, it’s totally worth it.

6. The Perks of Playing by the Rules  

When you finish a course with us, you’re not just trained. You’re SIA-approved trained! That means you can wear your badge with pride, knowing you learned from the best. And when you’re out there, doing your job, you’ll know exactly what to do. All thanks to following the rules.

To conclude, rules in security training? They’re like the lines in a colouring book. They guide us, so our picture turns out perfect. And at Get Licensed, we make sure to stay inside those lines, always. So, if you’re dreaming of a bright future in security, come learn with us. We promise to play by the rules and make you the best! 

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