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While the UK is gripped in the midst of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak with businesses closing and members of the public being advised to socially isolate to prevent further infection from occurring, the Security Industry Authority have confirmed that SIA licence applications will still be processed. So, how exactly will this work?

Are SIA licence applications still being processed during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak?

In a recent update from Ian Todd, Chief Executive of the Security Industry Authority, it was confirmed that SIA licence applications will still be processed, however, applicants should be advised that some exceptions and irregularity will occur as further restrictions are placed upon the UK.

Physical documentation that may be required as part of your application such as copies of proof of address should not be sent out. The SIA have confirmed that they are currently unable to access or process any materials sent to them during this period.

Any documents already sent will be stored securely but cannot be processed or returned at this time.

I need help with my SIA licence application, what should I do?

The SIA have confirmed that customer support teams are still operating and will continue to respond to business enquiries within 48 hours.

You should contact the SIA through your online account or the contact us form on the official SIA website.

My SIA licence is about to expire, can I still reapply for my licence During coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak?

Yes. As with new licence applications, all licence renewals are still being processed, however, licence holders should be advised that certain restrictions may occur during the renewal process.

Find out more about how to renew your SIA licence and what you will need HERE.

What Get Licensed Says

The professionalism and commitment of the SIA during this difficult time should be commended with many of its staff now working from home in isolation. With the announcement that new licence applications and renewals will still be processed during this period, its good to see that those pursuing a career in the security industry will not have their licence application affected.

Article Name
Can I Still Apply Or Renew SIA Licence During Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak?
With the UK in the midst of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, can you still apply or renew your SIA licence? Find out what the SIA has to say.
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