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How Get Licensed works for YOU.

How Get Licensed works for YOU.


Get Licensed may be by far the largest network of security industry training providers in the UK. It may have the most user-friendly online security jobs board. The online courses it provides are exactly what you need to improve your job knowledge and get on in the real world. Even the products in the online shop are useful, practical, and quality kit, without dozens and dozens of expensive “toys” or gimmicks.

But none of this is by accident.


Get Licensed was founded by a front-line security officer.

It took shape as a result of his experience and the input of the operational front-line professionals he spoke to on a daily basis. As the company grew, Shahzad Ali, wasn’t swayed by corporate pressures to steer his company in pursuit of maximum profit. Get Licensed has always provided what the industry, and the hard working men and women in it, NEEDS, not what would make shareholders the biggest dividends. Every development and new idea is examined closely to ensure that it is genuinely needed, that it is better than any existing similar product or system, and most importantly, would a security officer benefit from it?

I started working with Get Licensed for one reason only. CEO Shahzad Ali, despite now obviously being a wealthy entrepreneur, is driven by personal experience, and although he now strives to make our industry better for all, he still talks fondly about his time as an SIA licensed retail security officer. It is this deep connection with, and understanding of, front line security that lays at the heart of everything Get Licensed does, and everything that it wants to achieve.

When I first spoke with Shahzad, and the subject of working with Get Licensed was raised, it was clear that neither my business skills nor social media following were of interest. The value that I brought to the table was over 30 years in the industry, much of that doing a range of front line roles. It was my knowledge of working in other security sectors that was of value, and the new ideas that may assist Get Licensed get even better, and to serve more existing, and potential new security officers. I left my ego at the door and climbed aboard.

Get Licensed recruits the best training providers. Not the cheapest. It spends a huge amount of time and money providing support and resources for those trainers, and closely monitors their performance to ensure standards are maintained. It provides support for students and those that take courses of any kind with them, even providing a full money back guarantee if a course doesn’t meet expectations or their usual high standards. https://www.get-licensed.co.uk/training-guarantee  

An expensive way to run a business. Labour intensive and time consuming. But it isn’t about the bottom line. It is all about providing excellent training, huge value for money, and giving the best possible start to the careers of thousands of front-line security professionals, because that is what Shahzad would have wanted when he became a security officer, and it is this driving ideology that has made Get Licensed so successful.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend downloading their GuardPass app on your smart phone.

For Apple devices visit:


For Android go to:

You’ll have full access to their UK training network and all available courses, their outstanding new security jobs board, a wealth of excellent online learning packages, a huge amount of FREE content, helpful blog posts, news, views and loads loads more.

Check out the website at: https://www.get-licensed.co.uk/ I love the YouTube videos, mainly from the lives of door supervisors, but funny as heck.

With the Get Licensed training network, guidance on your career choice, advice on applying for your SIA license and their fantastic new online recruitment board, they say you can go from booking you training, to working in the industry, in 6 weeks! I know people that have done it far quicker than that.

At the bottom of their website’s “about us” section, you’ll find their company guiding principles, which sound suspiciously like a decent code for any security officer:

  • Use your Empathy.
  • Empower people.
  • Be agile.
  • Be curious.
  • Have fun!


Tell your friends about Get Licensed. An entire security industry career ecosystem, created by a security officer to meet the wide-ranging needs of all today’s front line security professionals.

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