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Journey of Joni with Get Licensed: Discovering the World of Security

Journey of Joni with Get Licensed: Discovering the World of Security


Joni’s Security Career Path: The Door Supervisor Course

Joni’s Journey with Get Licensed started by choosing the Door Supervisor course, which goes beyond just being a certification. Security field can be challenging but if you want to sustain and feel confident, you must gain the required knowledge and skills to sustain the field of security. If you want to succeed and lead in the security industry you should definitely take this course. This course will help you understand professional security in the easiest way possible. It will focus on conducts and protocols to help you maintain professionalism in this sector. 

The Door Supervisor course benefited Joni with his journey in the security industry, his interest in the field helped him learn and grow more. Now he is working actively in the security field today. However, you can hear about this transformative journey of Joni directly from him. 

Joni’s Journey with Get Licensed

Joni’s Security career path brought him a mix of feelings – excitement, curiosity, and even a touch of nervousness. Every successful  story of growth shows how determined that individual is to reach new heights.

Certainly, joining Get Licensed was the best decision for Joni’s career in the security industry. In addition to that, his journey shows how Get Licensed supported his mere interest turned into a full-blown career. Next, to get a better understanding of how Get Licensed supported him, join Joni on his inspiring career journey in the security field.

Joni’s Security Career Path Challenges: Why Security?

Joni was on the lookout for a career path that could offer him more than just routine; he yearned for a challenge. Consequently, that’s when the realm of security caught his attention. 

He quotes,”So I chose security because I felt like I needed a challenge and it sufficed for what I was looking for.” 

The security industry motivates every individual’s ideas and gives them a learning space to grow, challenge and discover new possibilities. 

Joni’s Journey From Trainee to Professional : The Door Supervisor Course

As Joni delved into the Door Supervisor course, he found himself appreciating the depth and professionalism of the training. His primary highlight? The trainer, Lee Murray. Lee wasn’t just a guide but a mentor who was always ready to address any queries. Joni emphasised how important it is to prepare for the course. To ensure prosperity, make sure that you are regular, active and focused during the lectures so that you don’t miss out on any important details.

How Get Licensed Courses can help you

It is very easy to book the course, and if you have any more questions we are available either by email or on phone. Just before the course begins, we call you to remind of what to bring.

According to Joni,”So I felt it was very professional, very helpful setting up myself for the course.”

Initially, the team reminded Joni of prerequisites and prepared him for day one, highlighting their approach. Joni speaks regarding the platform as,”Booking is very simple and straightforward just input your information and the payment details when they ask for it.”

The GuardPass Advantage: Joni’s Journey at Get Licensed

Joni had an ace up his sleeve – the GuardPass app. It not only made his class bookings simplified but also became his main platform for starting his security career. To help him ace his mock exams, GuardPass supported him by providing sample tests similar to the actual mock exam. 

As Joni says, “They made it very easy to book the course, and if I had any more questions they were available either by email or on phone. Just before my course, they actually gave me a phone call just to remind me of what to bring. So I felt it was very professional, very helpful setting up myself for the course.”

Additionally, with its vast database of job listings, Joni quickly found his first job and continues to rely on it for future prospects.

Life as a Door Supervisor

Currently, Joni’s Security Career Path relishes his role as a door supervisor for a commercial client. No two days are the same for him, as he juggles between various sites based on his client’s requirements. His responsibilities revolve around ensuring the safety of the premises, aiding his colleagues when needed, and making sure everything runs smoothly. The ever-evolving challenges and the flexibility of his job keep him excited and motivated.

Stepping into the World of Security: Joni’s Words of Wisdom

For those who are toying with the idea of venturing into the security domain, Joni has a simple piece of advice – Just do it! Get Licensed makes booking easy (and even offers refunds if you change your mind). If you are looking for a job, GuardPass app is your stop, it not only helped Joni but hundred others get hired! 

As Joni says, “People looking for jobs in security, I definitely recommend the GuardPass app. It’s what helped me find my first job.” 

Joni’s Security Career Path suggests that opportunities in the security sector are vast and varied. All you need is the right guidance.

A Grateful Note

In conclusion, Get Licensed gave Joni all the help he needed. It provided him with basic training for the security licence. Also helped him find new possibilities in the field of security. 

Every individual charts a unique journey, but with dedication, passion, and the right guidance, success follows closely. Joni’s journey was showcased by Get Licensed!

Get Licensed has helped every individual to get licence and find work. Here are some more successful stories.


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