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Queue Management and SIA Licensing

Queue Management and SIA Licensing


As the past year’s repetitive days grind to a halt, thoughts turn to a return to the workforce. It is a positive mix of excitement and nervousness as we look at a changing work environment for most people. It is a time of growth for security personnel, with new and exciting opportunities opening up. Now is the best time to get on board, get your SIA licence and discover the interesting and rewarding work in security.

Queue management post-COVID-19

During the pandemic, job opportunities started opening in non-traditional security roles. Security firms were called upon by the government to assist in the community. Managing queues at testing centres, vaccine centres and Nightingale hospitals. 

Are you ready to step up to the challenge? To learn how to maintain social and physical distancing? And controlling the queues as an increasing number of venues re-open? We expect there will be demand for security in several areas, for example:

  • Retail stores
  • Outdoor Markets, car boot sales, etc
  • Sporting Events – even local football clubs will have to introduce a queuing system to ensure social distancing.
  • Musical Events
  • Clubs, pubs, even some large restaurants 
  • Zoos. outdoor theme parks, entertainment venues, cinemas 

What is queue management?

The British are known as ‘orderly queuers’, but don’t mistake that for liking to queue; they don’t! They do, however, most of the time, respect the etiquette and rules of queuing. Today’s queue management job is to have a logistical plan of action for the lines of people waiting semi-patiently to get to the front of the line. 

Dealing with queues, especially at licensed premises like nightclubs, is often seen as the bread and butter of security work. Still, there are several levels to manage queues, from the physical presence of security personnel to the background logistics and planning. Having the SIA licence will enable you to look at broader career opportunities in the security workforce with jobs that can also bring higher wages.

Managing queues includes

✅ An assessment to identify the area, potential risks and solutions

✅ A plan – to incorporate all the aspects required for that job 

✅ Implementation – currently, this can involve ensuring social distance is maintained and masks are worn.

Training for your SIA licence will equip you with the skills needed to perform your queue management duties. Experience and continued training opens up opportunities to make a career in the security industry. You could be the one assessing and planning the jobs, or with a CCTV course, you could observe and assess large queues and crowds.

The first step in starting a career in security is to get your licence. Our partner’s training programmes provide you with the skills you need to start your journey. Skills that include 


Safety & legal aspects,

Health and safety 

Emergency responses 

First aid.

Your next step

Are you interested in knowing more? Like how to get the various licences to work in security? Choose from these courses: 

Door Supervisor Licence

Secure Key Holding Licence

Security Guard Licence 

CCTV Licence

Cash and Valuables in Transit (CVIT) Licence

Close Protection Licence

Check out this introductory video and discover the exciting options open to you—with a £0 booking fee, check out the nearest training venue and book today. 

Looking for jobs? 

To find the latest security jobs, check out our Jobs Board, which has 1,000+ jobs from the UK’s best security companies. 

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