Home Career Advice What should Security Guards learn from The Stanford Prison Experiment?
What should Security Guards learn from The Stanford Prison Experiment?

What should Security Guards learn from The Stanford Prison Experiment?


How can a Security Guard relate to The Stanford Prison Experiment? Could an experiment conducted over 49 years ago still be relevant now?

The Stanford Prison Experiment

The Stanford Prison Experiment was conducted by Philip Zimbardo, providing a crucial learning experiment.

The aim was to analyse the effects of roles, labels and social expectation.

The Stanford Prison Experiment was a simulated prison environment, conducted in the basement of Stanford University. The University selected 75 male volunteers to play the roles of a prisoner or guard.

This experiment has made great psychological discoveries, which shows how conflicts occur based on statuses. 

Top Factors to Note from the Stanford Prison Experiment

How can Security Guards relate to the Stanford Prison Experiment and what they can learn from it?

– Misuse of Power 

Misuse of power can lead to severe conflicts. Security Guards have an immense amount of authority in their role, meaning that it is vital to keep a calm situation throughout any arguments. A professional demeanour is crucial at all times.

– Mental Health 

Zimbardo says that his role of being the commander of the guards impacted him in his life in a not-so-positive way. 

All of the guards in the Stanford Prison Experiment started to notice that their mental health became impacted directly. They were unsure of who they had become. 

Working in security can be stressful, Security Guards are front line heroes. Try not to be afraid to seek help whenever required.

– Causing Conflict

If you are arguing with someone, not only are you impacting that person directly, but the people involved in their personal lives as well. For example, all the inmates rebelled against the guards as they were tormenting a fellow prisoner.  

The Movie 

The Stanford Prison Experiment 2015 Movie shows detailed emotion and action of the experiment. It is truly amazing to watch, as it portrays a better understanding of human behaviour. 

The movie shows how an individual of lesser power can react to the attitude and behaviours of someone with authority, which can create a conflict if not managed properly. 

The Standford Prison Experiment highlights the mental struggles that impact both sides of the spectrum. 

Society Today

We still have many examples of misuse of power, for example, with police brutality.

A relevant example of this is the tragic George Floyd case. Police misused their powers to arrest him, which then led to his death.

This incident has impacted us on a global scale and outlined the struggles we face when referencing those who misuse their power.

Final Verdict 

The Stanford Prison Experiment is a valuable experiment for Security Guards to watch, as it does relate to the pros and cons of their role as an authority. 


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