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Are Door Supervisors ‘Key Workers’ During The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak?

Are Door Supervisors ‘Key Workers’ During The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak?


As part of the Government’s plan to help prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) schools across the country will remain open for the children of key workers. But who exactly is classed as a key worker, and how will this affect Door Supervisors and those who work in the security industry?

What are key workers?

Key workers are professionals who have been assigned by the UK Government who can still send children to school during the coronavirus outbreak. These roles have been identified as vital to help tackle the spread of coronavirus and therefore are still required to perform their daily duties.

Some of those professions that have been identified as key workers include:

  • Health and social care: Frontline NHS health and social care staff such as doctors, nurses, midwives, paramedics and support staff. Those who work in the NHS have been on the frontline in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak and are vital in treating those who have been infected.
  • Education and childcare: Nursery, teaching staff and social workers have been assigned as key workers, with children of parents of key workers still required to attend school during the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Local and national government: Government officials such as those delivering payment of benefits have been identified as essential during the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Food and other necessary goods: Those involved in the production, processing, distribution and delivery of food, this also includes retail staff and those who work instore.
  • Public safety and national security: Police, armed forces personnel, fire and rescue staff, and those working in border security, prisons and probation.
  • Transport: Those keeping transport modes operating during the Covid-19 response. This includes train drivers and transport staff operating in tube and train stations.

The full list can be viewed here on the Official UK Government Website.

What about those who work in the security industry?

Noticeably absent from the official list of key workers are Door Supervisors, Security Guards, CCTV Operatives and those who work in the security industry.

Currently private security professionals are not specifically or explicitly listed as key workers, and therefore children of Door Supervisors and those who hold SIA licences will not have to attend school until further notice.

This of course will affect workers with children who will now need to seek childcare arrangements and potentially face the prospect of being unable to attend work.

Will security professionals be classed as key workers eventually?

Private security figures are calling on the UK Government to add SIA licence holders and those who work in the security industry as key workers during the coronavirus outbreak.

Ian Todd, Chief Executive of the Security Industry Authority (SIA) has released a statement regarding key workers and the possibility of security professionals being assigned as key workers.

“With regards to essential or key worker status, I can assure you that we continue to liaise closely with the Home Office and Cabinet Office to ensure the importance of private security in keeping the country safe, secure and running smoothly is fully understood.”

What Get Licensed Says

Security professionals are responsible for the safety and protection of the public as well as the security of buildings and premises. From retail Security Guards protecting goods in supermarkets and stores in the mist of hysterical bulk purchasing, to CCTV Operatives ensuring that security operations are still maintained, it has never been more vital for SIA licence holders to continue to function in their roles.

With the assessment of key workers continually being monitored and updated, it is vital that security operatives are assigned as vital during the coronavirus outbreak. Get Licensed will keep you updated as developments during the coronavirus outbreak continue.

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Are Door Supervisors ‘Key Workers’ During The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak?
The UK Government have assigned ‘key workers’ whose operation is vital during the coronavirus outbreak. So, where does this leave Door Supervisors and SIA licence holders?
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