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How Self Defence Courses Help Push Back Against Sexual Harassment

How Self Defence Courses Help Push Back Against Sexual Harassment


Anyone working in security knows that sometimes this job means facing the nasty side of life — even when talking about self defence courses. This article is one of those times.

Fair warning — we’re discussing some heavy and distressing topics here. These are always unpleasant statistics to report. They make for disturbing reading, no matter your gender.

Expecting the worst

An alarming number of women have been sexually assaulted or raped across the UK. Worse still, sometimes it’s people working in security who are engaging in this inexcusable behaviour.

This is nowhere near fair, right or decent — and it won’t change unless action is taken. While a Self Defence Course can help women know how to react in the moment, that moment should never have to happen to begin with.

Understanding sexual harassment in the UK 

The stats reveal that 97% of women have been sexually harassed. Sexual harassment covers a large range of activities. While some women enjoy the compliment of a wolf-whistle, others find it demeaning, primitive and threatening.

Unfortunately it goes deeper than just a passing action like a comment or a whistle, too. For example, sometimes a wolf whistle might be the start of a man following a woman. That’s a nastier, more sinister kind of harassment entirely.

Another kind of sexual harassment that women hate is when a man decides to touch, smack or grab them. When that happens — and sadly, we have to say ‘when’, not ‘if’ — women can find themselves in a difficult situation.

Sexual harassment has to be dealt with by a more roots level approach, whereby men simply know the right way to behave. Until that day finally comes though, you’ve every right to take your safety into your own hands.

The connection between sexual assault and rape

A far more serious issue is sexual assault and rape. 3.1% of women of UK women were sexually assaulted or suffered rape, attempted rape or sexual assault by penetration last year.

The statistics often make it appear that rape is a reasonably rare event that happens only to a minority of women. But remember, of half a million UK women who reported a sexual assault, 85,000 reported rape. That’s an abysmally huge number of women, who should never have had to endure such an ordeal.

What’s worse still is the appalling record of convictions for rape cases, at just 5.7%. Many other crimes have high conviction rates, because they’re far easier to prove.

But because rape takes place away from other people, with no witnesses, it’s one woman’s word against a man — and he’ll always deny a rape charge.

Rape causes incredible stress, anguish, upset, and an emotional scar that burns for a lifetime. Worse yet is that it so often comes with physical violence. Very few women are given the justice they deserve.

Self defence courses can prevent women being assaulted

So with all this in mind, what can you do as a woman not be part of this painful statistic?

We offer courses run by mixed martial arts expert and jiu-jitsu master, Sensei Ibush Kabashi. A few simple techniques are all it takes to ensure you know how to keep a level head and the best way to react if you’re under attack.

By design, martial arts work well because they were created to take advantage of motion and momentum, not your size or strength. Anyone can use them with the right training.

What to expect from a self defence course

The self defence classes run by Sensei Kabashi will help you execute crucial moves, instinctively.

You’ll also learn how to get yourself free if the attacker has grabbed you from behind, has trapped your hands, or has you in a headlock.

At the course, you’ll find a friendly bunch of people local to you, and you might even strike up a friendship.

To book a course today, simply click to find a venue near you. Spread the cost over 6 instalments if you need to, and get the confidence that comes from knowing you have the skills to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

The self defence course is completed in a single day — yet proves life-changing.

Go a step beyond self defence courses

If you have been affected by this article, we urge you to get in touch with groups and people who want to help you. Turn to rape.crisis.org.uk for confidential support, information and resources. 


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