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Nightclub spiking alarms local police. 5 ways CCTV can help!

Nightclub spiking alarms local police. 5 ways CCTV can help!


Rising needle attacks in nightclubs have wreaked havoc all over the UK.  Such cases of harassment have added pressure on local authorities and nightclub owners. As a precaution, more and more nightclub owners are investing in CCTV cameras to ensure that on-duty security officers can prevent future incidents. 

Rising needle attacks concern nightclub owners  

The phenomenon of spiking attacks has increased dramatically in the past few weeks. According to a BBC report, there have been 198 confirmed reports of drink spiking and 24 reports of spiking by injection. Women from across the UK have prepared to boycott nightclubs to raise awareness about spiking and sexual harassment at venues. Women from all across the UK, have established a “Girls Night In” movement to force nightclubs to take action. 

Nightlife organisers feel threatened by the financial impact of the movement if more women decide to stay at home. It is critical for them to take action before the boycott escalates.

How can CCTV cameras help?

CCTV cameras add an extra layer of security at nightclubs while aiding security professionals to stay more vigilant. 

Here are 5 ways in which CCTV cameras can reduce the risk of such crimes:

1. Risk of getting caught

According to a recent meta-analytic review of the effectiveness of CCTV in reducing crime, the use of CCTV led to a significant decrease in crime. Overall, across a range of settings, crime was found to have decreased by 13% in places with CCTV compared to those without. 

The results stated that drug-related crimes decreased by 20%, while vehicle and property crime reduced by 13%. 

The review suggested that this could be due to the offender’s increasing worry of getting caught. The presence of CCTV reminds offenders that they are under surveillance and that there is a high chance of being caught by the authorities if a crime is committed.  It is very difficult to get away with stealing something if there are cameras filming you. Therefore, the thief or offender will often get caught. Surveillance cameras will catch the thief before, or during the process of committing the crime.

2. Encourages public use of an area

When people see a CCTV camera installed in a shop or a nightclub they begin to view the place as “secure” or committed to public safety. This encourages more and more people to visit a place as they hold a positive perception of it. Crowded places such as restaurants and even nightclubs deter potential offenders from creating a scene as they don’t want to attract public or police attention. 

3. Improving citizen awareness to take precautions

CCTV cameras may also make members of the public more conscious of the possibility of being victims of crime and hence they may become more vigilant in this regard. 

4. Records scenes of crime 

CCTV cameras record everything from their position so, in the case of a crime scene, it can help owners and police identify and catch an offender if they are on camera. Through surveillance cameras, the police can both prevent crimes from happening and can quickly solve criminal cases with hard evidence.

5. Detection of criminals

Cameras, through video analytics, now have the ability to zoom in to reveal someone’s identity, which can be beneficial for crime prevention when used in the correct way. The criminal can be arrested quickly. Especially in spiking cases, a video would be a great way of tracking down a person and may even prevent a death!  The growth of facial recognition and analytical software enables much greater predictive insights into criminal behaviour and more accurate reporting.

With the crime rate rising, it is safe to say that investing in CCTV cameras can save your employer from being targeted by crime. 

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