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Home Security Industry Is The Security Course Too Hard?
Is The Security Course Too Hard?

Is The Security Course Too Hard?


The security industry is an exciting place to work. You could be a store detective apprehending thieves or work your way up to be a professional bodyguard earning up to £50 an hour looking after VIPs and celebrities. 

So what’s holding you back? 

Sometimes the only thing holding you back is you! It might be that school wasn’t for you. And when it comes to exams, all you think of is failure. You might have left school with little to no self-confidence and think any exam, test, or course will end in disaster. 

Watch Carl complete the full Door Supervisor Training Course

Many of the attendees on our courses felt just like you but are now fully qualified security guards with great career paths. At Get Licensed, we understand that people don’t want to pay money and waste their time to fail a course. That’s why we are here to get you through the course every step of the way. 

Before you even think of booking a course, you can download our free GuardPass app. On there, you can practice mock tests, get a feel for the types of questions, and learn the style of the work. You’ll soon find that the answers become easy, and you’ll gain confidence in completing the course. 

The course is easy to understand and delivered by professional, friendly trainers. The information isn’t super complex and is provided in bite-size easy-to-digest sessions. 

Full Free Unit 1 of the Door Supervisor Course

Because of our excellent trainers and great preparation by you learning the course material on the app, we have a first-time pass rate of 90%. So, you are probably worrying about nothing!

However, if you are not confident about passing the first time, you can pay a little more to get the gold or platinum package. 

With the gold package, you can take unlimited retakes until you pass at no extra cost. And if you take the platinum package, you can claim a full refund if you fail twice so that you won’t have wasted a penny. You can actually INSURE yourself against failing. If you do, keep trying until you pass, or get all your money back. 

With nothing to lose other than some time, why not make the leap today? After checking out mock tests, head to the booking section to find your nearest local course. 

Start your career now with our courses! Click here to begin.



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