Home Door Supervisor SIA Licence Holders Are Assigned As ‘Critical Workers’ During Coronavirus (Covid-19) Quarantine
SIA Licence Holders Are Assigned As ‘Critical Workers’ During Coronavirus (Covid-19) Quarantine

SIA Licence Holders Are Assigned As ‘Critical Workers’ During Coronavirus (Covid-19) Quarantine


Early in the week the UK Government announced that ‘Key Workers’ would be assigned and authorised to continue their duties within their respective job roles as the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect the world, as other workers deemed not critical were instructed by Prime Minster Boris Johnson to stay at home and self-isolate.

Those deemed as critical workers were originally assigned to workers such as those working in the NHS and the retail industry, and had been identified as vital roles to help tackle the spread of Coronavirus. However, the definition of those that fall under the criteria of critical workers has now been updated within the last few days and will now include regulated SIA licence holding security professionals.

What does this mean for SIA licence holding security professionals?

SIA licence holders who hold roles that are essential in supporting the nation’s COVID-19 response will now be able to place children into school. They will also be able to travel to and from work using public transport.

However, it is advised that if your job can be performed remotely you should seek to work from home where possible.

What security roles are covered as critical workers?

Only SIA licenced security roles that support the nation’s COVID-19 response are classed as critical workers and can include the following:

  • Hospital security
  • School security
  • Retail security guards
  • Transport network security
  • Security Guards required to guard empty or closed commercial, retail or office premises; this may also include CCTV Operatives but should be performed remotely if possible

Roles essential to supporting law and order, with the potential to reduce demand on policing also meet the critical worker definition.

If your role does not fall under these job specifications then you will need to stay at home and self-isolate.

How will coronavirus quarantine affect my job being a critical Worker?

While at work, social distancing practices should be practiced at all times with workers ensuring that hygiene measures to help prevent the spread of respiratory viruses are followed.

A full list of guidelines can be found on the Official UK Government Website.

What Get Licensed Says

With SIA licence holders now classified as critical workers it is essential that the UK Government recognise the value that those who work in the security industry provide their communities. If you are unsure if your role falls under that of a key worker, we advise you to contact your employer or contractor immediately.

We also want to take this opportunity in thanking the many critical workers who continue to work in such uncertain and unprecedented circumstances. Keep safe against the coronavirus with our essential guide HERE.

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