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How my £475 investment made me £19,800

How my £475 investment made me £19,800


Sam turned 19 in August, till now he had been working as a part-time waiter at a local pub in Harrow, still living with parents and wondering what the future holds for him…

“I even thought of going to Uni, but decided against it due to the cost and time commitment; I always wanted. to be a YouTuber like KSI and PewDiePie

We all know it’s not easy to become a YouTuber, there are many skills required so he started…

I learnt the basics of filming using my iPhone 7 and editing and created a bunch of content and my channel gained a few followers” but there was no money coming in..

The part-time job was hardly covering food and travel costs… plus Sam needed to earn £1500 a month to be able to focus on his YouTube channel, invest in decent lighting and sound equipment…..

How can I earn £1500 was his dominant thought…

Join Deliveroo or UberEats a friend suggested, but that meant he had to get a bike and deliver food even in horrible weather… 

Arghhh, what else can I do to earn £1500 a month? 

Sam was at the pub doing his shift one evening when he saw the same person he saw on each shift, the Doorman.

Dave had been working as an SIA Licenced Door Supervisor for over 3 years for pubs, bars and restaurants… Sam asked Dave during the break how it is to work as a Doorman. Dave said he works part-time in a few places and does events over summer. 

How much do you earn, Sam asked Dave and there was a pause.

£1800 to £2200 depending on how much I work… Sam was motivated to and decided to give it a go-ahead… 


Don’t do it… you are not even big in size, you will get beaten were just some of my thoughts. I’m so glad I still went ahead and I am so glad I did…

He booked the Door Supervisor course with Get Licensed, attended his 4-day course and applied for the SIA Licence

Total Damage for training and licence? £475 for an SIA licence valid for 3 years.

It was just a week after Sam got his licence when he got his first shift. He received £11.50 an hour, that’s £3 an hour jump from his previous role. 

Fast forward one year….

Sam earns £1650 a month and works 5 days a week and… He has invested in his Youtube channel and now has over 9000 followers. Sam is on his way to stardom, watch out KSI…

How much have you made in the last 12 months Sam?

£1650 x 12 = £19,800

I was earning £800 a month before that….

UPDATE: Sam has also moved out of his parents’ house last month. We asked him what he thinks about working as a Security Guard….I don’t love my job, but I don’t hate it either. 

It works for me, I can focus on what I really want to do and earn too…

I couldn’t find anything better where an investment £475 gives an earning potential of £1600 a month in no time.

SIA licence investment


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