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What Makes A Good Driving Instructor?

What Makes A Good Driving Instructor?


Nobody wants to share a confined space with a complete and utter ogre smelling of cigarettes and lingering of a bad attitude. Especially a frightened and easily intimidated fragile learner who is embarking on the road for the very first time.  

A good driving instructor is the difference between a truly memorable experience, and a nightmare that you want to put in the back of your mind and lock away forever.

Fun learning is the best learning and that’s exactly how a learner should feel when getting into the driver’s seat with an instructor for the first time. Everyone remembers their first time (no, not that first time) and a truly fun, friendly and personable driving instructor can make a whole world of difference.

A fun learning style is key

A good driving instructor always makes sure that every student has fun while learning. For many learners this will be their first ever time behind the wheel so ensuring that they feel claim, relaxed and safe in the reliable hands of an efficient yet sociable instructor will make them feel at ease.

Good driving instructors are able to sense when a student needs help, is nervous, is confused, is stressed, or is distracted and can provide whatever is necessary to improve the situation. They don’t scare or intimidate them, but instead guide the way – always with a firm grip of the peddle.

A good driving instructor understands it’s the detail in the patience. Without compassion, understanding and a little bit of sympathy, are you even human or a robotic android?

It should go without saying that your instructor should be knowledgeable and know absolutely everything about driving, from parallel parking to how to narrowly avoid incoming asteroids in the event of a nuclear armageddon.

Conversation is extremely important and building up a relationship and rapport with the learner should always be a top priority of a good driving instructor. Nothing is worse than that ridiculously awkward silence that lingers in the the car after a bad attempt at banter.

Banter and having a laugh between a driving instructor and a learner is important. But only the right kind of banter of course. No one wants their beloved Manchester United ripped to shreds in the name of friendly rivalry. Especially behind the wheel for the first time.

Good thing we generously allow our learners to select their instructor based on team loyalty. What a stroke of genius!

Ultimately being with a good driving instructor is a lot like being on a good tinder date, you just wish the experience could last forever.

Just without the inevitable awkwardness of course.

How to be a Driving Instructor

If you are looking to help people get behind the wheel and on the road, then a career as a Driving Instructor could be for you. To kick-start your career as a Driving Instructor, find out more about getting a Driving Licence first.

Already have a Driving Licence? Then you are ready to begin the process of becoming an Approved Driving Instructor.

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