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Changes To SIA Licences Coming In 2019

Changes To SIA Licences Coming In 2019


The Sia Licence is a vital part of working in the security sector and since the Security Industry Act 2001 it has become compulsory for all those who work in the security industry to undergo SIA training and possess a current and valid SIA license.

But while the SIA Licence has become a permanent fixture for Door Supervisors and those who work within the security sector, a few changes to the licences are coming and will affect current holders and those who applying for their first licence.

While these changes may appear small in detail, overall, they aim to make the cards more secure in order to reduce fraud.

What are the changes?


The address on the rear of the card has been updated.


The Guilloche feature on the back of cards has been removed.

SIA UV logo

A new SIA logo has been added on the top right and bottom left as part of a new security feature which will be visible under an ultra-violet light.

How do the changes affect current licence holders?

The new changes being implemented will not affect current SIA licence holders as the new licences are put in circulation. This means that your SIA licence will not be invalid or out of date and will still be active. Current licence holders who are due to reapply for their licence will receive the updated licence with all the new changes applied.

How to work in the security sector

If you are interested in working in the security sector, whether it be as a Door Supervisor, Security Guard or CCTV Operative, you will need to obtain a SIA Licence.

To obtain a SIA Licence, you will need to complete a course. Once you have completed the course, will you then be able to apply for an SIA Licence and work in the security sector.


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Changes To SIA Licences Coming In 2019
The Security Industry Authority have announced plans that will see changes being implemented to SIA licences. Find out what these changes are, and how they will affect current licence holders.
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