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Tips to get Consistent Work in Security

Tips to get Consistent Work in Security


So you did it, right? You took the Get Licensed door supervisor course and launched your security career. But a week’s work here and there does not pay the bills. If you are looking for consistent work in security, follow the top tips in this guide. 

Be the best; you can be

If you want consistent work, you must be a team player and motivated to do a good job. If you are a good timekeeper, reliable, friendly, as well as being alert, and eager to progress, you are far more likely to be kept on. You’ll also be building an impressive CV with excellent references to back you up. Even if there is no more work for you at a particular firm, an excellent work record may help you network and get work from recommendations from previous employers. 

Keeping good habits such as resting before and after shifts, eating healthily, and staying in good physical health will also help you to be your best. 

Job searches 

A job is not going to find you; let’s face it. You need to be proactive in looking for jobs; there are plenty of ways to do that. If you claim benefits, you’ll be asked to search for jobs using the gov.uk website

While this is one place to start, there are several platforms out there. CV Library, Indeed, Monster, and Reed are some of the top players. These job sites can allow you to submit a paper CV, search, and apply for jobs. However, the leading job platform for security professionals is Get Licensed. You can use the GuardPass app to record a video profile to introduce yourself to clients. You can also detail your profile and easily put together a CV with effortless user-friendly software that does the hard work for you. 

And it’s the place to be seen. Top security firms such as the NHS and G4S use Get Licensed to recruit security staff. Because Get Licensed specialise in security, we have added various features to the app to aid both recruiters and personnel in this sector. So, if you want a top job with a company offering consistent work and career progression, the place to be is the GuardPass app. 

Improve your skills

The best way to advance in any career is to keep improving yourself. The GuardPass app allows you to take introductory courses in the following:

  • Nato alphabet
  • Fire safety
  • Law and regulation
  • Problem-solving
  • Use of force
  • Search procedure
  • Customer care
  • Handling emergencies
  • Conflict management
  • Communication

All of these are displayed as badges on your GuardPass app for employers to see that you are motivated and will help you get consistent work. 

You can also invest in yourself by taking e-learning courses from Get Licensed. The courses are very affordable and start from just £25. If you speak to your employer, they may be happy to pay for a course for you. Courses you can take include:

These courses significantly improve your skills, making you a more valuable and sought-after security team player. 

Consider expanding your security skills

If you are interested in exploring further courses in security, you will be able to cover more roles and, therefore, have a better chance of securing work consistently. If you have enjoyed working in security, consider furthering your skills by taking a course in CCTV or even train to be a close protection officer. 

Get Licensed has over 2000 businesses that advertise their vacancies on the Get Licensed for security personnel in over 85 UK locations. Once you are signed up to the app, you will receive notifications as soon as a local job that is suitable for your skill set is posted. So, to get yourself hired and get consistent work, download the GuardPass app today.  

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