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The SIA (Security Industry Authority) have announced they will reduce fees on licences across all sectors.  The fee will be reduced from £220 to £210.

When will the SIA licence fee be reduced?

From 1st October 2019, the licence fee reduction will be in place and it will apply to individual licence fees across all sector. The reduction applies to new applicants and those renewing existing licences. Licence holders applying for an additional licence after this date will pay 50% of the new reduced fee.

Important information about the reduced licence fee

As stated above, the individual licence fee reduction will apply to applications received from 1st October 2019. If applicants can delay their licence application without working illegally then they can submit it in in October so they can benefit from the lowered fee.

If a licence application hasn’t reached the payment stage then it can be cancelled and resubmitted after 1st October then an applicant can benefit from the reduced fee. But if payment has already been processed for an application it can’t be refunded as the bulk of the work to the process would have already been completed.

Why is the licence fee being reduced?

On their website, the SIA has stated they have reduced the licence fee as part of their commitment to driving down costs.  The SIA also said: “The licence fee has been set at £220 since January 2012; if adjusted for inflation over this period using the Consumer Price Index, the licence fee would be £257 at March 2019.”

SIA Chairman Elizabeth France said of the licence fee reduction: “We have held current fee levels for seven years, and I am very pleased to now announce this reduction. We continue to seek improvements in the way we run the SIA and provide value for money for licence holders, approved contractors and the public.”

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Article Name
SIA Announces Licence Fee Reduction
The SIA (Security Industry Authority) have announced they will reduce fees on licences across all sectors.  The fee will be reduced from £220 to £210.
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