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Should Door Supervisors Eat While On Duty?


If you work in the retail industry, whether it be on the shop floor of Tesco or behind the counter of Costa Coffee, then you will know that eating food is strictly forbidden while on duty and that all food and drink consumed must be on your break and away from the eyes of customers, but while these strict protocols make sense in a retail environment, do the same rules apply within the security sector?

To eat or not to eat?

Door Supervisors can be on their feet and in the cold for hours on end, more often or not working unsociable hours and in the freezing cold, and while it may not be uncommon to see a Door Supervisor sipping on a quick cup of coffee at 2am in the morning when there are no customers around, tucking into a greasy donor kebab while on duty may be overstepping the line, even if you are craving a fast food fix.

What does the SIA code of conduct say?

The Security Industry Authority has a code of conduct that all SIA card holders must follow, and while the code of conduct mentions that Security Operatives must not drink alcohol or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while on duty, the consuming of food and drunk is not specifically outlined. However, Security Operatives must have personal integrity while greeting visitors to the premises in a friendly and courteous manner, and eating while escorting a guest to a premise may not exactly be the right customer experience that venue owners may be looking for.

What Get Licensed Says

Security Operatives are expected to carry out their duties in a professional and courteous manner with due regard and consideration to others, and while the SIA code of conduct doesn’t state that scoffing a Big Mac while checking a guests ID is prohibited, we think its safe to say that maybe its best to leave the eating when you are on your break, or before or after your shift.

Be smart, be professional and leave those hunger cravings at the door.

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Should Door Supervisors Eat While On Duty?
While being a Door Supervisor may sometimes give you the munchies, is it professional to eat or drink while on duty?
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