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Home Door Supervisor What Equipment Is A Door Supervisor Allowed To Carry?
What Equipment Is A Door Supervisor Allowed To Carry?

What Equipment Is A Door Supervisor Allowed To Carry?


When it comes to equipment and the tools of the trade of the security industry, A Door Supervisor will need more than just their SIA licence to efficiently do their job. From the trademark hi-vis vests worn by a many Security Operative across the country, to the armband holder that holds in it the very reason Door Supervisors can do their job in their first place.


A radio to communicate with other members of the team is an essential piece of equipment any Door Supervisor should have on them. Communication and team work is vital to the success of security operations and clear and effective radio communication is key. Having a radio with you at all times will ensure that you can respond to colleagues at a moments notice, and also call upon help if a situation proves to be dangerous.

First aid kit

A Door Supervisor with first aid skills is just as important as having an SIA licence. In the social climate of knife crime and acid attacks, Door Supervisors and those who work in the security sector are often the first ones on the scene of an incident, protecting the public and preventing situations from escalating. A Door Supervisor who can tend to a knife wound or perform mouth to mouth resuscitation is indispensable in keeping the public safe. Therefore it is essential that a fully stocked first aid kit with all the equipment  required to tend to an incident is kept in a guarded premises at all times.

Stab proof vest

Speaking of keeping safe, a stab proof vest could be the difference between another knife victim statistic and a practical Door Supervisor who has taken the necessary precautions in keeping safe while on duty.

SIA licence armband holder

Often in a hi-vis yellow, armband holders offer secure capsulation with visibility through a waterproof transparent plastic capsule highlighting your SIA licence to the general public at all times.

Hi-vis jacket

Along with the hi-vis armband, a hi-vis jacket is often the go to choice for Door Supervisors while on duty and sets them apart from members of the public.

But it isn’t just Door Supervisors who can pull off the security look, with the hi-vis jacket becoming the latest fashion accessory this season.

Skyguard lone worker alarm

Today many employees are required to conduct work outside and often isolated. Skyguard is Europe’s premier emergency service and essential piece of security equipment for lone workers and vulnerable individuals. An innovative and ground-breaking device – by using GPS-enabled mechanics and managed by a human-based call and incident management centre, it allows the user to raise an alarm and seek assistance during a threatening and dangerous situation. This little piece of technology is perfect for those working in the security industry and who find themselves work at night and alone.

What Get Licensed Says

Working in the security industry involves much more than an SIA licence, with Door Supervisors often requiring the necessary items to effectively perform their duties. While all of the items and equipment on this list are by no means mandatory, they can be incredibly beneficial to those who want to kick-start a successfully career as Door Supervisor.